When I mentioned in a previous post about takeover of Kadence theme by iThemes, there was also brief information on Kadence Cloud. Admittedly, the service is not yet available, but a preview of it has appeared ūüôā .

When you update the Kadence Blocks plugin to the latest version and start adding a new post or go into editing an existing one, you will see an additional button: "Design Library".

New button to start the template library

In fact, what's new is that the button is now at hand and you don't have to delve into Gutenberg blocks as you did before, which is a significant improvement. The whole thing is also a bit better designed visually.

When you click on the button, a library of sample sections will appear, as well as whole pages you can use. The latter are simply sets of the theme's landing pages.

Library of arranged sections of the Kadence theme

As you can see, categorisation and search by keywords have been introduced. At the moment the library is not very large, but remember that soon there may be hundreds or even thousands of ready templates to use if their authors are willing to share their projects.

At the top you can see the + icon. When I click on it, a form appears allowing me to connect to the upcoming Kadence Cloud service.

Kadence Cloud integration form

For the time being, you will not be able to do much about it, as the service is not yet officially available. On the website Kadence Cloud The only information that appears is that the news is expected soon, plus one sentence about it and nothing more.

Kadence Cloud may turn out to be a step that other theme developers will follow. If the idea works, it seems practically certain, because none of the popular theme developers will want to risk chasing customers away to Kadence, where you will probably find a rich library of ready-made Gutenberg templates.

It's hard to say how much this will actually turn out to be a hit, because as you may remember I wrote about the fact that WordPress itself is also preparing us access to a database of such templates for Gutenberg, and it will probably ultimately be the largest library of ready-made arrangements to use. Take a look at the article: WordPress template directory.

I think that the quality of the templates that we find in both of these places will be largely decisive. Certainly at the start the battle will be won by Kadence motifbecause the templates will use the Kadence Blocks plugin, which adds a lot of interesting blocks to Gutenberg. The WordPress library, on the other hand, will probably be based on standard blocks, which will limit designers' creative freedom. Let's remember, however, that the editor's native blocks are constantly being improved and new ones appear, which means that sooner or later they will allow even novice webmasters to quickly create attractive designs.


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