OnLine meetings, whether in smaller or larger groups, have been an invariably popular way of sharing knowledge and an effective marketing tool for years. If you feel that networking group meetings have a raison d'être in your industry (and believe me, in most industries they do), then just start organising them.

As far as the meeting itself is concerned, it will probably not cause you any major difficulties, apart from stage fright and stress when you do it for the first time 🙂 However, the selection of a tool with the help of which the webinar will have its raison d'être is already a slightly more complex task and, unfortunately, can be expensive.

I usually organise my webinars using two tools, and they are:

Both are great and I was even able to swallow the delays in the case of WebinarJamThe time spent on the phone was sometimes longer than 30 seconds, which effectively eliminated any meaningful live interaction with meeting participants. Nevertheless, WJ's impressive capabilities alone compensated for this drawback.

ClickMeeting This is a tool that I use when I really want to interact, the delays are minimal, not even noticeable. Moreover, this is our native tool, which, as far as I am concerned, is not without significance, as I like to support Polish projects.

However, I will use something different in the upcoming webinars

And it will also be a Polish company, as in the case of ClickMeeting, and we are talking about a tool called LiveWebinar

Why this decision? I'll honestly admit that I wouldn't have changed my webinar platform if it weren't for the fact that LiveWebinar recently appeared on AppSumo, which means nothing more than that I can get rid of the monthly maintenance fees for the webinar application. You will admit that this is a strong argument 🙂 At the moment I am writing this text the AppSumo offer is still available. Click on the button below to check its status:

What can a LiveWebinar do?

First of all, as the name suggests, it is a tool with which you can conduct online meeting sessions. Depending on the package, groups of participants can be larger or smaller.

The interface itself is extremely simple, which I like and appreciate a lot, because I get irritated by looking for options buried in the corners. At a glance, we can view scheduled meetings or create new ones. Also, if the need for a quick meeting with a client comes up, with one click you can create a room where your online session will take place.

LiveWebinar dashboard

There are quite a few tools you can use in your meeting that are designed to make your presentation more interesting. If you're snooty about AppSumo's offerings, not all of these options you see below are available in the lowest package available per code. So take a look at the descriptions of the available packages.


This set of possibilities is sufficient in most cases of meetings and even exceeds the real needs.

Share files in a meeting, play videos, use a whiteboard on which you can write, draw and graphically explain the topics discussed in the meeting, share your screen and much more.

From my point of view, it is extremely important to possibility to record meetings/webinars. Such recordings can then be shared with participants or used in other ways.


Here, however, one aspect of the offer on AppSumo is worth noting. Standard meeting recording is available in HD quality with a maximum of 12 frames per second. So it's not crazy, but meetings where you mainly present slides after recording will look good.

If you want better recording quality, yes it is possible but only if you buy 5 AppSumo codes. Then you will be able to record FHD footage at 24-30 frames per second. This is already a much more expensive pleasure, but remember that you only pay once and you will not be charged later with subscription fees as is the case with standard offers.

Communication during meetings


You have several options to choose from. As you can see in the screenshot above, you can organise a discussion where up to 25 participants can talk at the same time. Another form of meeting is a classic presentation, most often used on webinars. You act as the presenter and control the room. Participants can watch your presentation and ask questions using the available chat. A third option is a Q&A session where the audience can ask you to take the floor, which you assign to someone to speak or ask a question.

The number of presenters is virtually unlimited. If you wish, you can even create a meeting where everyone is assigned this level of privilege, although this configuration will certainly cause chaos in the meeting. In any case, it is possible 🙂 .

Social media coverage

Another interesting feature is the ability to live stream your webinar on social media. You can run live broadcasts on YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Periscope or elsewhere.

webinar broadcast on social media

What is more, it is also possible to broadcast events from an external source during the meeting, e.g. you can additionally start streaming from an event and show it to the participants. This option is available with the purchase of three codes.

Webinar on autopilot

If you opt for AppSumo's offer, even when you subscribe to a single code that allows you to run meetings for up to 100 participants, you'll be able to take advantage of an upcoming (not yet available) feature evergreen. If you don't know what it's about, I will suggest that you can record your webinar and then repeat it based on such a recording. This is a great feature which will allow subsequent meetings to take place without your participation.

Access to new opportunities

The proposal for AppSumo features one more thing. Namely, you will have access to new features of the tool, such as the evergreen mentioned above or the upcoming integration with HeySummit. Also other features about which nothing is known at the moment are expected to be available in the future for AppSumo users.

Is it worth it?

Looking through the various offerings for webinar tools, we can clearly see that they are not cheap. Take the aforementioned ClickMeetng. If you wanted to use this tool for groups of up to 100 participants you would have to pay 199 PLN net per month.

clickmeeting price list

In the case of standard LiveWebinar prices, with this number of participants it would come out more favourably, because the basic toolkit with a hundred listeners would cost PLN 60 per month.

livewebinar price list

I would add that the packages on AppSumo offer more features that are similar to what you will find on the standard BUSINESS plan.

If we look only at the number of participants, we have to reckon with expenses per year of from 720 to 2300 PLN in the case of the standard LiveWebinar offer or ClickMeeting. However, by opting for the AppSumo proposal you pay once $99 (about 400 PLN) and do not worry about your wallet in the future. Codes as I mentioned above you can buy more. Each costs for $99 and adds 100 participants and additional features (the maximum you can bump the limit to 500 participants in this offer).


If you are seriously planning to approach OnLine meetings with your Customers, if you are planning to organise trainings and webinars, this proposal should interest you. Thanks to it you will not only be able to save a lot of money, but you will also have a professional tool for planning and conducting your sessions in your hands.

I will be organising the next JZS webinars using LiveWebinar hoping that it won't let me down, but it always comes out in the wash so we'll see 🙂 .


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