At this year's WWDC Apple unveiled plans to introduce a new service called 'Sign in with Apple'. Its announcement was considered by technology journalists as one of the most important news announced during the event. What exactly will it be and what benefits will it bring to owners of Apple devices?

Cumbersome login on multiple sites

In order to explain the purpose of this service, it is first necessary to write a few words about a problem faced by many internet users. This is the need to log in to a large number of websites, as well as mobile applications. Many website owners require you to create an account before sharing the content on your website. This is cumbersome, because each time it means having to come up with a unique login and password, as well as entering your e-mail address and sometimes other data. This process is particularly cumbersome for the most active users, who are forced to create accounts on dozens or even hundreds of sites.

Is it a copy of existing solutions?

Some readers may note at this point that there is already a solution to this problem. On many sites, when creating an account, you can choose to sign in with your Facebook or Google account. This solution means that if you already have an account with one of these internet giants, you can use its details to log in to another site. This greatly simplifies the registration process, reducing it to a few clicks. Additionally, in this case there is no need to remember another login and password. So the question must be asked, is 'Sign in with Apple' just a copy of what already exists?

How is Apple's solution better?

So fans of the Cupertino-based company's products are sure to welcome the news that Apple's proposition has its own unique solutions. These relate to the key areas from a user perspective of control over the information shared and data security. From a privacy perspective, the most important improvement that 'Sign in with Apple' will offer is the ability to hide one's email. Currently, internet users who do not want to give websites their main email address, for example for fear of spam, are forced to set up an additional one that will only be used to register with websites. A new service from Apple will simplify this process by allowing a new random address to be quickly generated on Apple's servers. Thanks to this users will have more control over their data and who they share it with. In addition, Apple assures us that it will not store data other than our username and email or track our activity in any way.


Using one account on many websites is undoubtedly convenient, but it also carries additional dangers. If your account is hacked, you give the intruder much more of your private data, and you lose access to all the services you use. There will be an option in "Sign in with Apple" to get extra protection against unauthorised third party access. This will involve the use of Face ID and Touch IDThe hardware security will be supported by software that can be used to verify the user's identity through facial or fingerprint scanning. Hardware security will be supported by appropriate software. Among other things, it will check whether the attempt to log into the account comes from the devices we own, and suspicious activity will be automatically blocked.

When will the 'Sign in with Apple' service be available?

It is currently being tested and availability to all has been announced for autumn this year. This is when new versions of Apple systems will be released. The service will be available for both macOS and iOS users and via websites. However, it can already be said that its introduction may cause a lot of confusion on the market.


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