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About a week ago I shared information on Scalify a very promising tool for running and optimising Facebook ads, and today we have another: ADYOUNEED.


Very similar in terms of the objective pursued which is to spend less on ads and make them more effective, but of course there are differences. In addition to managing Facebook campaigns, ADYOUNEED also has the ability to manage ads on Google ADS, with other platforms including LinkedIn, TikTok and probably others coming soon as well.

ADYOUNEED is great for testing different audiences. Just choose two interests and the application will select 15 target groups and after 5 days the one which converts the best will emerge from them. A great time-saver if you don't know your group yet.

The ADYOUNEED dashboard and charts for clear reporting and analysis is another positive feature. Ever struggled with data in Google ADS or Facebook ADS and felt you were missing something? It's common. Here you can see at a glance which audiences are performing best and which ads are making the most of your spend. You simply decide how to shift your budget to get the most out of it.

Designing the ads themselves is also easy thanks to the seamless integration between Canva and ADYOUNEED. Even if you're not a graphic designer you can quickly create eye-catching ads.

I recommend these types of tools and will even say that it's worth it to have several (especially on Lifetime offers). Each has its own unique features that can be very desirable in certain situations. This is one of those groups of apps that can pay for itself in no time.

Surely the awesome thing about the Lifetime offer on ADYOUNEED is that even the cheapest package does not have a cap on monthly ad spend. Most offers of this type have such limits, including the aforementioned Scalify. There is also no limit on ad accounts. This means that an investment of $69 will cover most needs. Only if you run a marketing agency consider higher plans that allow you to add more sub-accounts, e.g. for clients you serve so they have direct access to the results of your campaigns.

I recommend it especially at such an attractive price!

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