59 USD (year to year savings of 1140 USD)

I am extremely excited because I did not expect to ever see JivoChat in the Lifetime offer. And yet!

I've been using this app for over a year now and I think it's the best chatbot I've had the pleasure of working with.

JivoChat is already 9 years old, so it is a very mature tool and it is developing very well. I am not able to describe in details all the possibilities, because it is huge and I would have to write a book. For sure I will give some more details on the blog.

The JivoChat interface

Key features of JivoChat

  • Chat
  • Telephone calls (possibility of ordering calls by persons visiting the site)
  • Built-in CRM
  • Integration with Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, Apple Business Chat and other messengers
  • 5 agents (consultants)
  • Internal discussions between agents
  • Call transfers from agent X to agent Y
  • Any number of domains on which the chat will be launched
  • Real-time analysis of the number of visitors to the website
  • Statistics on calls
  • Any number of widgets, and each can have its own individual settings related to appearance, consultants, etc...
  • Applications for desktops (Mac, Windows)Applications for mobile devices (iOS, Android)

The apps, by the way, work superbly. It is one of the few chat rooms whose applications send me notifications without any errors. While using others it was sometimes a mess, once I got one, once I didn't. JivoChat doesn't have such problems, at least I didn't experience them. JivoChat has no such problems, or at least I have not experienced them on my devices.

That's not all, there really are many more possibilities and integrations here. Within a year there will also be audio and video calling, although audio is already implemented but via VOIP. What's amazing about this offering is that perpetual access is costing just $59! If you check the standard pricing, for 5 agents JivoChat costs $95 per month.

You can have it all for a one-off fee of $59 and you will never pay more unless you want to add more consultants at some stage of development.

If you have a chatbot on your site, e.g. a free one with limited capabilities, or are planning to add a chatbot, this is currently the best you will find and there is no telling when something similar and so good will reappear as a lifetime. I haven't given it a second thought at all, but that's probably because I know the tool and am in love with it. I recommend it with my eyes closed, don't miss it!

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