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MetaBox is a plug-in WordPress allowing you create your own types of content and encapsulate them with specific fields, that's it in a nutshell, because in reality there are more possibilities 🙂 I will write a separate blog article about this addition soon.

It's a mature product that's been on the market for years, so the offer is all the more encouraging because you can be sure you're investing with a piece of good code, and in something that's unlikely to disappear from the market.

If you do not know what this tool is used for read the article "Dynamic content", where I shed some light on this issue. If you don't want to read, I will just write in simple terms that you can add your own type of content e.g. Ads, Real Estate, Accommodation, Interesting places, Events.... Your needs determine the idea of the content type.

metabox ltd2

When you add "Events" you can enrich them with more fields. You have the title and description as well as a featured image as standard, this is provided by WordPress, and using the Meta Box plugin you can add more, for example: event date, location, ticket price, organiser etc...


You can also create your own taxonomies that this type of content will use, such as event categories or others, and that's still not all 🙂

Integration with Elementor works perfectly, so all you need is a Meta Box and Elementor PROto quickly create a new, specific section of the site and conveniently display content on the front end.

metabox elementor

Meta Box, is an alternative to ACF, CPT UI, jetEngine and the like. The lifetime license is only available for a short time. You have 60 days return policy if you decide for any reason that the Meta Box does not suit you.

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