A tool focused on optimising the sales process. You can use it to create payment and donation forms, as well as forms to collect funds for a specific purpose.


The amazing thing about this offer is that the price for perpetual access is ridiculously low considering what you get in return. The $49 one-time payment allows you to create as many forms as you want, embed them on any site in unlimited quantities plus you also have the option to build sales pages and even membership pages.

There have already been many offers on Saas Mantra which were surprisingly low in price, and which have been raised over time. Who knows if it won't be the same with PayForm.

Personally, I will use this solution mainly to create forms, which I will embed directly on the landing pages, but it is not excluded that in time, when the additional modules are more developed, I will use the other functions.

You can find a wider article on PayForm by clicking on the button below:

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