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About a year ago I became friends with The tool does a great job of converting written text into an audio file that you can listen to! It is still not that obvious. It happens that in some articles on How to Make a Page such an audio file created automatically is available for listening.

PlayHT interface

Why is it worth it?

Everyone will have their own motivations, but there are a few that will come up in most cases. By enriching your article with an audio version (you could call it a mini audiobook) you give your readers an additional way to consume your content. Instead of reading, they can listen to your publications for their pillow, while driving or in other situations where reading is not an option for some reason.

This is also a nod to visually impaired people who are interested in your articles and can comfortably listen to them. They will certainly appreciate it.

After all, it's also a factor that can improve your site's rating in the 'eyes' of Google, but it can also be a contributor to the traffic generated from podcast sites. allows you to create an RSS feed containing audio file data, and you can use this as a podcast source with your articles to listen to. has just returned in a lifetime offer and I have no hesitation in recommending it to you. It handles various languages very well, including our native language.

Another advantage is a convenient plug-in for WordPress that allows you to generate an audio file without leaving the content page of the article you are publishing. I suspect that if I had to jump between WordPres and an additional tool and finally manually bundle everything together - would not be as attractive to me.

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