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Virusdie is supposed to take care of the security of your website, and you can never have too much of that. No matter what kind of security you have on your hosting provider's side, it is worth taking care of one more independent layer.

Virusdie as a website protector works perfectly. I have tested a lot of similar solutions and at the beginning I was very suspicious about Virusdie. My surprise was huge, when on one of the tested websites Virusdie found trojans hidden in image files, which were not caught by any other antivirus software. I verified that it was not a false positive and it turned out not to be. Then I found comments where users of this tool had similar experiences. This means that Virusdie is one of the more effective if not the most effective tool for detecting and removing infected website files.

It also does a great job with WordPress and informs you of plugins where vulnerabilities have been found and you should update it immediately:

Information about unsafe version of WordPress plugin displayed by Virusdie

Protection against dangerous software, however, is not everything. Virusdie is also a WAF (firewall), which also as far as I have tested it so far works without any problems. It is an effective prevention that detects various types of attacks and eliminates them.

Firewall protection statistics

Lifetime for multiple sites is supposed to be short, but if you don't have time you can use the standard offer. The cost of $15 per month for effective protection of one site is not an exorbitant price.

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