If you run or intend to start your own website adventure, and it will be an extensive blog, thematic portal, etc... you will certainly face the necessity of expanding the editorial team with new peopleThe website will have a number of specific, albeit limited, powers. They will help you develop the site with their own publications. This is how it works.

Of course, WordPress allows you to register new users and assign them writing rights, but this mechanism is very modest when it comes to configuration capabilities, let alone cooperative activities within the team. Below I present some interesting plugins that are great for enhancing WordPress' team management capabilities.

User Role Editor


As I already mentioned WordPress has 5 predefined user groups as standard they are: Administrators, Editors, Authors, Proofreaders, Subscribers. The problem is that we can't create new groups and we don't have the possibility to change the permissions of any of the mentioned groups. Thanks to the User Role Editor plug-in, we can grant or revoke specific permissions to particular groups and individual users. In my opinion it is one of the most useful and easy to use plugins.




Also a very interesting plugin that is worth at least testing. It allows you to manage roles, which in turn modify the permissions of each user. Additionally, the plug-in offers a widget with a login window. It can be successfully used to restrict access to selected website resources for a specific group of users.



This plug-in, in turn, offers a very clear interface. One glance and you can immediately see which groups of users have which rights, what they can view on the site, etc... Operating on the restriction of rights using Adminimize will beautifully clean the WP panels of users from options to which they should not have access. Thanks to this they see only what they should see, which also affects their comfort of work.


Edit Flow


In turn, this plug-in facilitates cooperation between editors and authors. The plug-in provides, for example, a calendar to plan team activities, additional statuses for texts or a notification system. This plug-in is perfect for blogs run by teams of several people where one or more people are responsible for reviewing materials and approving them for publication.


Co-Authors Plus


Sometimes it happens that several people (several authors) work on a given text. Unfortunately, by default WordPress allows you to assign the text to only one of them, but this plugin effectively changes that. A text may have many co-authors.


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  1. Leila Mourad says:

    Thanks a lot for the quick answer !

    This is definitely the problem - what you wrote, because the whole file has a size of 88 202 630...
    I unzipped and tried to install with this result:
    The package could not be installed. The theme is missing a file style.css.

    So where in the map can I find the right "little" file?
    none of them are called "crusts"...

    1. MotywyWordpress says:

      Leila Mourad - you have extracted one main large file. That's probably not all... You need to find another zipped file (after extracting the big one) which will be the template. When you open it there should be files like: functions.php, single.php, page.php etc.
      And it is this zipped file that you install.
      (In one large file you have placed other smaller files also zipped).
      If there is still a problem - feel free to ask for help.

  2. Leila Mourad says:


    I found a link on your site to paid themes on themeforest.

    I have just purchased one of these but it won't install.

    In the description of the theme it is written that it is for Software including Wordpress 8, but I have Wordpress 3.8.2 installed, can this prevent me from installing it?

    Regards and looking forward to your reply, Leila.

    1. Not in any way that should bother you. Are you sure you are trying to install the right package? On themeforest you can download a so called full package which includes the skin, documentation etc... and the skin itself. You may have downloaded the full package and then it won't install. You need to unzip and extract the skin zip file from the package.

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