Another rapidly developing plugin for Elementor offering a set of practical widgets has appeared on the horizon. Master Addons for Elementoris currently a set of more than 25 add-ons to enhance Elementor.

What can you find in Master Addons for Elementor?

To be honest, when I came across this add-on I was hoping for widgets, which, at least to a large extent, will not be found in the competition. Meanwhile, to my disappointment, I found add-ons perfectly known either from Elementora PRO or other popular extensions such as: Happy Addons, Essential Addons for Elementor and the like.

Master Addons - widgets

The only widget that might interest me is Changelog. It allows to simply put a list with the changes we want to inform about. Especially useful for people who offer some software and want to present changes in its next versions in this way.

The other extras didn't impress me much. But not because they are of poor quality. I cannot say that. It's just that it's something I'm already familiar with, so necessarily the WOOW effect I was hoping for didn't appear.


In Master Addons for Elementor you will also find widgets that integrate with popular form handling extensions. We can't find anything new here, like a form generator, but at least we can easily embed forms generated in such extensions as: Contact Form 7, Ninja Forms, Gravity Forms, WP Forms, Caldera Forms or WeForms.

master forms

In addition, we also find a widget that integrates with the system to email marketing MailChimp. For now there is only one, but as you can see below we have already announced more, and there will probably be more as time goes on.

integration with mailing systems


The plugin offers internal extensions enriching us with further possibilities. Probably the one that in my opinion is the most interesting and extremely practical is the ability to work with your own CSS.

custom css

Others are interesting background animation effects, its colours or background slides. Parallax effects as we can see above are in development and should also be available soon.

How much do Master Addons for Elementor cost?

First of all, the plug-in is available in the free WordPress repository. So we can download and install it at no extra cost.

But as you can guess, not all widgets are available to us when we decide to use the free version. We will miss such widgets as:

  • Animated Headlines
  • Advanced Nested Accordion
  • Advanced Multicolor Accordion
  • Nested Tabs
  • Creative Buttons
  • Creative Links
  • Team Members (Content Drawer, Animation Background)
  • Flipbox
  • News Ticker
  • Image Hover Effects
  • Animated Gradient Background
  • Image Hotspots
On the other hand, if you decide to go for the PRO version, you will have to pay $19 a year for one site, $39 for 5 sites and $129 if you quite want to lift the limits related to the number of deployments.
There is also good news. In the case of Master Addons you can choose to buy in the lifetime offerwhich means that you only pay once without the need for renewal.


An interesting extension, but I get the impression that it offers too few unique widgets to compete effectively with other, older add-ons.

In my case I don't see its use, at least at the moment. However, it doesn't mean that people starting their adventure with Elementor, who are not yet "contaminated" by a number of habits, won't find in Master Addons interesting tools enriching Elementor with additional possibilities.

The lifetime offer is certainly noteworthy, something not all Elementor extensions offer.

I also hope for further development and enrichment of the set of widgets with ones that you can't find in vain among the competition. It will not be easy, but nobody said it would be 🙂 .


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  1. I am curious as to what the support period is and whether there is such a thing at all in this regard. This is a relevant and important issue as, with larger sites, possible changes involving the search for other solutions can be very labour-intensive.

    1. There is no such thing. As long as a developer sees sense in developing his product, he develops it. That's why it's a good idea to look towards proven, stable plugin/motif developers to minimize the risk of abandoning a project.

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