At the start, one of the most frequently asked questions is "what is needed to launch the website". You need two things, in fact if you also count the system on the basis of which you create your site, then three, and these are:


That is, the address at which your website will be available. The shorter and easier to remember the better. If your business will be focused on Polish market choose .pl extension and if you are thinking about global business try to find an interesting name matching what you do and what you offer with .com extension. Only if you are completely out of luck look for other extensions. Why? because .pl domains (in our country) and .com domains (abroad) are the most deeply rooted in Internet users' consciousness. This state is changing, but very slowly, so if you find something interesting in the .pl or .com domain, do not hesitate to register it. In the following steps you will learn in detail how to do it.

Check if your domain is still free

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Server space - hosting

If I wanted to illustrate this topic in the simplest way I would say that you need a computer with a good connection to the Internet. In fact, you could even run the hosting on your home computer. The question of software, configuration and it was done. In practice, however, such home methods of hosting do not work because of, for example, the quality of connections, problems with accessibility or the fact that the whole server environment must be constantly taken care of. Not to mention the issues related to security or RODO.

In practice, you need to look for a company that offers hosting services and buy a piece of disk space on their machines. This could be shared hosting at a budget of £100 - £600 per year, managed hosting for WordPress or something bigger like a VPS if you're planning a more complex project, or going a step further a dedicated server. However, if you are thinking of a typical corporate website catering to the basic needs of your business, then in most cases simple shared hosting or managed WordPress hosting will suffice.

Website files, CMS system

As the third element, you need a CMS system on the basis of which you will create and develop the website. Admittedly, the CMS is not necessary for the website to be created, but thanks to it you will be able to manage it comfortably and develop it freely.
Just as with hosting companies so here too you have many options. However, what I suggest is to use the system WordPress. Why?

  1. Simplicity of use - You will appreciate it especially if you try other solutions on the market beforehand.
  2. Enormous expansion possibilities - If you have an idea for one or another functionality, it is likely that someone else has come up with that idea before, and someone else has helped them bring it to life by creating a special extension to the CMS. In other words, you can encapsulate WordPress with many off-the-shelf solutions that will help you add the functionality you're thinking about.
  3. Very large theme database. A theme is nothing but a scheme of how your website will look like. Colours, layout, etc... Choosing WordPress you automatically get access to the largest free theme library, but if you have an appetite for more powerful themes you can choose from thousands of commercial solutions, many of which are real gems.
  4. Access to educational material - When you run your website, no matter what tools you use, sooner or later you will come face to face with a variety of problems. How quickly you manage to solve them can have a significant impact on your business. You'll appreciate what I'm writing about if, when you have problem X, you type a keyword related to it into Google and find several ways to solve it. Thanks to its huge popularity - nearly 30% of sites on the Internet run on WordPress - the amount of educational content, both free and paid, and support sites (e.g. forums, groups, blogs) is plentiful.

Hopefully you are now well aware of what you need to get your website up and running and with this knowledge you can move on to the next step.

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