In general, we all know that texts on websites should be well optimised, among other things, in order to increase their chances of ranking better in search results. We know, but we rarely use this knowledge. Not necessarily out of laziness, we just don't know how to go about it.

I had a problem with this myself too, although exactly in my case laziness had a bit more to do with it. I admit it 😉 Or when I'm in a hurry. I know that I should plan the article properly and take my time with the optimisation, but since I'm still not good at cloning I come to the conclusion that the message is more important than its optimisation and I let it go. Is this a bad thing? Not necessarily. If you publish regularly and your content is consumed with interest, this alone may in time result in great positions, maybe even better than if you blew on every text.

Here are three ways to help you get good results. You can mix them all together, as there is no single proven recipe.

Write a lot and target a specific group

This is basically what I mentioned in the introduction. This method is actually about lack of SEO optimization. Yes, you should keep the basics, so prepare a catchy title for the search engine, a description, headings in the content, maybe at least one image/illustration... or something else? I don't know. You concentrate on the content and get a feel for what you need yourself. If you need an illustration, you add it, if not, you don't have to force it because someone wrote somewhere that images have to be in the content. They have to, they don't have to... I know many websites in the top positions for difficult phrases, where the article does not contain a single image.

In this method, the key is the content, its quality and what value it brings to the reader. When you write an article, you try to cover as much of the topic as you can. You do your best without asking for applause. They come by themselves. Texts reflect your passion and infect others, becoming material that people begin to appreciate and recommend.

The text on your blog, whether optimised for SEO or not, will at some point leave you astonished. It still works and frankly speaking I'm very happy about it because I have to admit that modeling the form and content just to reach the number of occurrences of one or another phrase, as indicated by some program, does not bring to my mind the best associations. But these are the times we live in so I am not picky.

Use SEO plug-ins

Such as Rank Math, Squirrly SEOYoast SEO and the like - but just one, not all at once. I write about this for a reason. I recently helped a client clean up his site and... he had 5 SEO plugins and three cache plugins active. Don't do that 🙂 .

Such plugins support you in the process of optimisation by suggesting certain changes, e.g. if the phrase you care about does not appear in any of the headings, it will be caught and pointed out. The text will be too short, also, the phrase will not be in the title or meta description, the overall score will be lowered, etc., etc...

Content analysis in Rank Math

These extensions are very useful and work great if you're taking your first steps, or even those much further down the path to perfection, especially as they offer much more besides content optimisation support. What's the problem though, because there probably is one?

It is above all a state of detachment from reality. It is as if we were functioning in a vacuum, but this is not the case. All around us there are competitors with whom we fight for search engine positions, and in fact it is they who predominantly decide our fate. If they are effective and intense, you have to put in more work to leapfrog them. If your industry is asleep and you are one of the few who have been awakened, it is likely that the effort you put into SEO will be much less.

Is what Rank Math, what Yoast and other similar plugins suggest to you calculated based on your competition for the phrases you care about? No, or at least not yet. And this brings us to the third method, which is slightly more demanding and more expensive, but often more effective.

SEO analysis including competitors

If the subject interests you a little, I suspect you have rubbed shoulders with the application Surfer SEO. Without a doubt great and polish! The application is one of the pioneers that analyzes what is happening at the top of the search results suggesting you SEO optimization of the article taking into account the collected data. I sincerely recommend it.

However, there are already many more such tools. For a long time Surfer SEO did not have much competition in this field, but always where there is demand sooner or later there will be more of those who want to satisfy it. For you, this is good news. I will probably describe one of the alternatives in an upcoming text, but for now I will not reveal its name yet.

What is intelligent SEO optimisation really all about? (annoying term).

You enter the phrase you care about most in the context of a new or updated publication. You know that this phrase is worth investing your time. You enter it and the tool performs an analysis, checking which pages are high in the search results and what content they can boast.

Competitor content analysis

If necessary, you can exclude competitors such as Wikipedia or which can be found in the first position of the above example. A quick glance and you can see what is in the Google results, as well as how long the content is on a given page.

This will project the suggestions you see on the right in basic terms. Content structure. In this case, the app suggests that the text I write should be within 1500 words, 6 headings, 6 paragraphs and 6 images. We came up with a devilish number, but you can adjust it if you think it's worth it. In your case, the suggestions will probably be different 🙂 I'm going to make some suggestions.

Going further, you can analyse the phrases that are used on your competitors' sites and consider whether, and if so, which ones you want to use on your own as well.

Analysis of phrases to be used in the publication

Note that on the right hand side you have information that a given phrase e.g.: "wordpress add-ons" would appear 5 times in the text.

Once you have completed this step, the final stage is content preparation. You sit down to write and make sure you don't overdo or omit anything.

Content editor

Not bad, is it?

Surely you can see the difference between a plugin for WordPress and tools like this. The difference is colossal. Does that mean you have to give up on Rank Match? No, Rank Math is not just about content optimization. You don't have to use its optimization tools at all if you find that you work better and more efficiently with Surfer SEO or something similar, but the other features of this plugin can be very helpful. I will mention that what I have shown above in the screenshots is not Surfer SEO. I will write about this tool.


I encourage you to use the first method. Focus on the substance. I have seen many times how such an attitude brings sensational results, although it is a time-consuming process and not everyone can afford it. That is the point. Time slips through our fingers. We would like to do so many things, but there are only 24 hours in a day and nothing seems to be changing in this field. Maybe one day, when we get closer to the black hole, something will "stretch", but not soon.

For the time being, if you have less time to polish your content, try to polish it at least in terms of SEO. Use SEO plugins or be interested in tools that analyse your competitors' publications in high positions. I will come back to these tools as there are more and more of them.

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