I decided to launch an additional section with short presentations lifetime offersThe most important thing to remember about perpetual licensing is that it means that applications, plug-ins and tools are licensed perpetually. If you are hearing about this for the first time and do not feel the benefits of such licenses, take a look at the article "Why I encourage you to take advantage of lifetime offers".

In the new JZS section you will find carefully selected suggestions. There will not be all that you can find on the web, but those that in my opinion are interesting and can benefit you when you use the environment WordPress.

The recently described tool came first Squirrly SEO. Really very, very interesting and I encourage anyone using the free versions of the Yoast plugins, Rank Math or others to look at the possibilities of Squirrly.

On the practical side

I am happy to share information about the changes on JZS. This time I did not use my favourite extensions such as CPT, ACF or jetEngine. I gave another extension a chance to create my own content types, taxonomies, fields, relationships, etc... This extension is Meta Box. Another great plugin very useful but provided you use its PRO version. I will write about it soon especially since it is available under perpetual license 🙂 .

What else have I used? On How to Make a Website I use Elementora PROand as you may know this gives you the ability to work with dynamic content, or if you prefer dynamic tags. Combining these capabilities of Elementor with what the Meta Box plugin offers is more than enough to comfortably develop your own content type and pull it to the front end.

The new section is simple, no fireworks, just like the whole site. A separate content type with its own fields and nothing more in this case I don't need. It took maybe about 45 minutes to launch the whole thing as you will see by clicking the button below, no more. Meta Box, Elementor and of course the Kadence theme.

I used Theme Builder, but I must admit that I was a bit worried whether this choice would not lower the quality of the whole website. However, it turns out that the latest changes in Elementor are much better at optimising the code than it was a few months ago.

On Google PageSpeed score 100/100, on GTMetrix A/A other tools such as WebPageTest (by the way they have finally revamped the UX, I recommend it) also register good results. My fears turned out to be unfounded.

Results on WebPageTest

On what basis will the offers be selected

I mentioned this earlier. This is not going to be a random activity. Nor will this be a section where you will find every possible lifetime offer you can find on the internet. I am not going to encourage you to invest in something I am not convinced is worth doing. Most of the proposals that will appear are tools that I use, have used or intend to use in the near future.

There will be not only add-ons for WordPress, but also others that can help you better optimise your work, better manage your marketing campaigns, better plan your SEO strategies, increase your sales, improve the security of your project, etc.

Most lifetime offers are limited time offers, so at some point some of them will no longer be available, but they may still come back, as it is not uncommon for this scenario to happen. I will not remove them, so that everyone who will look at this section and follow the posts can see what he/she missed, but also to show how many offers of this type appear in the web and even if you do not manage to hunt down a particular solution, there is a good chance that you will find something similar and who knows if not better 🙂 .

Final word

I encourage you to take a peek from time to time at LTD department. It may soon equip you and your business with the tools that will make your online business soar. These offers will not only have a positive impact on the growth of your income, but will also bring you significant savings compared to a scenario in which you would have to pay a monthly or annual subscription for each of them. You are invited!


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