I'd like to invite all current participants of the WordPress Course, as well as all those who are thinking about choosing a website building course, to the new lessons!

WordPress course that you will find on JZS and MeetWP, is currently the most extensive video training available on demand in the Polish Internet resources.

With autumn just around the corner, it's also time to prepare the course for the upcoming 2021 year. A significant part of the lessons will be expanded or updated, especially those where there has recently been more significant news or I think it's worth enriching one or another lesson with additional content. To a large extent this will be the result of our conversations and discussions in closed groups for course participants on HelloWP.pl

In the first installment, the lessons on automated WordPress installations have been updated, as well as a comprehensive lesson that discusses the WordPress interface and cockpit. Below is the introduction to one of the new lessons.

Those of you who already attend my courses will probably notice a slight change in the visuals. I hope you will like it 🙂 .

Further updates will be successively published in the coming days, with the assumption that most of them will be introduced before the onset of winter, so that we enter the New Year with thoroughly refreshed material that will serve you and support your activities in the coming year.

Currently in the WordPress Course you have the following at your disposal 110 videoson which I show step by step how to effectively work with WordPress and use its potential. I don't even count how many hours it takes, although you sometimes ask about it, treating it as a kind of quality indicator. I estimate that currently this course is almost 30 hours of video lessons. It's a lot and it's probably the most complete WordPress course, but believe me it's not the quantity, but the quality of the material that matters the most.

This course is "alive" and constantly changing - we recently had an update of the lessons on Gutenberg in WordPress 5.5, now another update, and more will follow in a few days, including you'll see the novelty of interactive lessons that help you consolidate the most important issues even better and better understand the specifics of WordPress.

I warmly invite my students to check out the new material, and anyone who is just thinking about this course to join in 🙂 I'd love to hear from you.

The course is offered on a lifetime model, so you have unlimited access to all its lessons, as well as all future updates. It does not matter when you want to return to it, whether in a month or a year. You will always have the latest lessons waiting for you!

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Krzysiek Wojteczko


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