You often see on the YouTube channel here on How to Make a Website and also on MeetWP how I present various tools in lifetime offers. Some of you use this information to your advantage, but most ignore it completely. Why do you think I encourage you to look for such offers? I will explain.

What are lifetime offers (LTD)

Let us start with the basics. What exactly is this type of offer all about? Many of you know this very well, but there are also those for whom this phrase does not mean much.

A lifetime offer, or LTD for short, is a special offer, usually limited in time, that allows you to use access to a specific application or service with a billing model based on subscription fees, but paying only once.

For example, we have a tool that normally costs $49 per month to access. In a lifetime offer, we can pay a one-time fee of $98 and use the tool indefinitely without paying any more in the future.

Who benefits from this?

At first glance you might think that this is a rather crazy move on the part of the provider of such an offer, because instead of making money from the subscription they get one payment and that's the end of it. You do indeed see this type of move from time to time. Not so long ago a top plugin WordPress to launch a partnership programme has withdrawn from the lifetime plan.

In practice, however, both parties to the agreement win. If we buy a product or a service offered by LTD, we can save a lot of money and have access to useful tools which help us to run our business more efficiently. On the other hand, the company that offers LTD has a quick cash flow for the nearest development, but, most importantly, it builds a base of customers, some of whom will become brand ambassadors causing an increase in the number of customers who will settle for the traditional subscription model.

Is it risky?

In a way, yes. It happened to me several times that I invested in a lifetime offer which I lost access to after a year due to business failures of the provider. Simply put, the project collapsed because it was no longer able to survive in a highly competitive market. Such cases do happen, so there is a certain risk. However, given the relatively low cost of investment and the fact that we often have the possibility of returning the payment within 30 or 60 days, the risk is reduced as much as possible.

Most of the offers I have used have survived the worst of times and often these products/services have also grown strongly thanks to suggestions from people using the lifetime model. For me this means very tangible savings.

How much you can save by using LTD offers

This largely depends on the business you run and your need for tools to support growth.

I will tell you how it looks like for me, but I will only touch on a few tools out of hundreds I have 🙂 Why do I have so many? Mainly to present them to you, my students, clients, readers and subscribers. Most of them I don't need, but they are lying around waiting for the right moment, which may never come 🙂 You, of course, don't do it that way, it's my conscious choice 🙂 I don't want to do it that way.

Automizy - email marketing system

One of my favourite LTD investments and extremely necessary. On the Automobiles you can take a look at what exactly this service is about. Now I will just say that I have an account with a database of 50 000 active subscribers and I have not paid a penny since one year after the investment was paid off and I will not pay as long as Automizy is on the market.

In this case, the savings calculation is simple. An Automiza subscription for 50,000 subscribers is a monthly cost of $359.

Cost of Automiza maintenance for 50000 contacts

This gives a yearly amount of 4 308 USD. At today's exchange rate it is 15,934 PLN. How much did I spend? I invested 490 dollars in Automiza's LTD offer, which is about 1 800 PLN. See how much I spent and how much an Automiza customer has to spend when using the same package on a monthly basis. My savings only on this one offer is over 14 000 PLN. In a year it will be over 30 000 and so with every year the savings grow and I can use the tool freely.


A great chatbot in Facebook Messenger, and also running independently on our site depending on our preferences. Let's look at the subscription plans:

BotStar Price List

The paid plan is $15 per month which gives us 500 chatbot sessions per month. I have this service with much higher limits going up to 250,000 sessions, which is 500 times more. If we wanted to do a simple calculation without taking into account the discount that we would probably get, the monthly cost of the service would be 7500 dollars which is about 27 000 PLN. We would probably get a discount, but I don't think the monthly fees would go much below £10,000 with this amount of sessions. You can always ask them 🙂 .

How much did I spend? In this case, $295 or in the region of 1,000 PLN. Let's assume 10 000 of savings per month. After a year we have 12 000 minus the one-time investment, so 11 000 PLN kept in our pocket. In a year 12 000 etc...

Automizations + BotStar ~ £26,000 annual savings and so on in each subsequent year.


A tool to search for and analyse key phrases. I recently described it in an article BiQ alternative to Ahrefs. Very promising and promising for the future. What is the standard price for a monthly or annual subscription:

BiQ price list

Even if we settled annually by cutting the fees by $100, we would pay 900, which at the current exchange rate is PLN 3,330. For this tool in the LTD offer I paid 245 USD (900 PLN), so I saved 2 430 PLN. As you can see, these are not such large amounts as in the case of the previously mentioned offers, but 2.5 thousand a year is not walking distance 🙂 .

Better Uptime

The best tool for monitoring the availability of websites and services I have ever come across. I am very happy with this purchase. You can find some information in the article on website monitoring tools.

The standard price list is as follows:

Better Uptime Price List

I highlighted the most expensive plan because it is this package that I bought in the lifetime offer, although in practice not exactly this one, because here we see that in this price there is one user and one team, and each additional team is $ 30 per month. In my case I do not have this limit.

We calculate: $150 per month is $180 per year, so roughly £6,660. I bought the lifetime offer for 245 USD (about 900 PLN). The savings in the first year, including the purchase, is 5700 PLN and in the following years 6600 PLN.


These are just a few of the LTD deals I have in my arsenal. This group alone generates for me savings of about 36 000 PLN! These are already significant savings, and let's remember that these types of tools are designed to support our business and increase the generated income. They do this, by the way, without taking away any further resources from us.

I hope you now feel the value of these types of offers. The question remains, where can you find them?

Where to find LTD offers

Number one is definitely AppSumo. This is where I found most of the interesting tools and I encourage you to follow their site and catch offers that can be helpful and support your online activity. On AppSumo you have up to 60 days to test the purchased tool. If you decide that it does not suit you for any reason get your money back without further questions.

Where else is it worth taking a look? I also found a few gems on SaasMantra. There are not a lot of deals here, but this is where I came across Automizy, one of the better deals. I also recommend Dealifywhere there are more offers and interesting tools can also be found.

Personally I concentrate on these three places, but if you search you will find more.

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