Not so long ago, the Oxygen 3.7 version was released and now you can test the initial version of Oxygen 3.8. For those who will hear about the tool for the first time, I will write briefly: Oxygen Builder 3.8 is a website builder for WordPress, which works on the same principle as the competing solutions e.g. Oxygen Builder 3.8. Elementor, Beaver Builder, DIVI and others, but the main target audience is those with a little more experience. You can read more in the article: Oxygen Builder.

We take a look at the new features that will be included in the upcoming version of Oxygen 3.8. They are:

  • Integration with Rank Math - Super!
  • Improved code editor - Greater comfort for developers
  • Complex Query Wizard - We extract what we want from the WP database.

Integration of Oxygen with Rank Math

Great news for those of you who are thinking about Oxygen, but also want meaningful integration with an SEO optimization plugin such as Rank Math. I rarely use Oxygen myself due to the lack of this integration, but that is changing 🙂

Rank Math developers catch good builders and provide their creators with code to enable native integration with the editor. This is exactly what happened in this case, and as of Oxygen 3.8, RankMath will easily analyse content created in the builder. Some of you know a similar integration from Elementor.

Enhanced code editor

On the one hand, Oxygen is a builder which can be used to launch a website, a blog or a shop without coding, but on the other hand it is a tool which allows to work with your own JavaScript, PHP code or CSS style sheets. All this so that the creator can adapt every tiny element of the project to the specific needs of his or her client. People who know the above-mentioned languages and are looking for a tool to quickly build websites usually fall in love with Oxygen at first sight. Many web developers switch from Elementor, DIVI and others to Oxygen also due to the fact that it generates better optimised code.

Coming back to the Oxygen code editor, it has been improved with options such as: theme selector, line wrapping option, bracket highlighting, tags and tab-based indentation. This will make working with code much more convenient and efficient.

This is how the new code editor in Oxygen 3.8 looks like

Query Wizard

Oxygen has long helped you build queries to display specific results in a given location, such as posts from category X. However, in addition to these queries, you will now be able to use the advanced query builder for Repeaters and Easy Posts. The advanced builder allows you to create queries using wp_query parameters and dynamic data. The practical application of this new feature is huge, examples:

  • Extraction of related entries by taxonomy
  • Queries based on custom field values
  • Enquiries concerning archives
  • Subqueries

For basic queries, we have ready-to-use templates that you can simply configure to suit your needs without having to analyse your queries in depth.

Complex query builder in Oxygen 3.8

This is not related to the upcoming version, but...

is a signal that the creators care about creating a builder that can be used both by professionals and beginners. When writing about it I mean an addition to Oxygen with more widgets using Elementor nomenclature.

Oxygen itself is available on any plan in a lifetime offer for any number of pages, but the add-on you're reading about is available on an annual subscription for $29. Expensive? From there 🙂 .

oxygen widgets

What additional widgets beyond the standard ones do you get when you buy this extension? Here they are:

  1. Acordion
  2. Back to Top
  4. Slider
  5. Flip Box
  6. Divider
  7. Buttons with icons
  8. List of icons
  9. Comparison of images
  10. Mega Menu
  11. Counters
  12. Opinions
  13. Hover Scrool for images
  14. Switcher
  15. Table of contents

More widgets will appear gradually over time, but the list is already nice.

Looking at the current capabilities of Oxygen I'm starting to seriously consider developing a course for those interested in this creator. If the developers consistently look towards non-technical people there is a good chance that Oxygen's popularity will gain momentum. If it happens that Elementor will eventually not be able to provide good code optimization what Oxygen already offers us, I am sure that many freelancers will jump to Oxygen if only because of the cost. As we know Elementor for 1,000 sites is now almost $1,000 per year, while Oxygen is a one-time fee ranging from $99 to $169 and can be used on any number of both your and your clients' sites.

I'm keeping an eye on Oxygen's next unveiling and, as always, I'll be sharing it with you. People who use WordPress hosting can play with this builder. I recommend you to test it 🙂 .


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