I've been following the changes that are taking place in one of the most interesting builders for WordPress, although not particularly popular with novice users, and a course on it is increasingly on my mind.

The huge advantage it has Oxygen compared to ElementoraThe new version of 3.8, Beaver Builder and others like it, offers great code optimisation and virtually full control over design and functionality - as long as you know at least the basics of CSS/JavaScript. In the end, I will return to this thread, but in the meantime, a few words about the 3.8 version released a few days ago.

What's new in Oxygen 3.8

There are a few new features, but they largely concern improvements and enhancements. You won't find anything awe-inspiring, but after all, not every release should bring with it another revelation. This applies not only to Oxygen, but to any software, any plugin, any theme you work with. The improvements in the new Oxygen release are interesting, though.

WP Query Wizard

First of all, I would like to draw attention to one novelty. It is advanced query builder for the two objects Easy Posts and Repeaters. This wizard appeared, if I remember correctly, in version 3.7, but it could not be used for the mentioned objects, which are often used, for example, to generate a list of blog articles or a list of other content, including those created within custom content types.

In standard situations, it is usually sufficient to use basic filters that will display content from any content type, from a selected category, etc:

WP Query basic query builder

As you can see in the above screenshot, the last element of WP Query is the "advanced" option, which was not present in previous versions of Oxygen. If you find yourself in a situation where you need to create a complex query for your WordPress site, you can use this wizard to click it. Zero coding 🙂 .

List of predefined WP Query

By clicking on the advanced tab, you immediately have several presets (predefined queries) at your disposal, e.g: display all entries except the one you are currently viewing. This is usually used when you create a list of related articles to appear under an entry. You also see something like this on this page under the article. There's no point in displaying information about the entry you're currently reading in such a place, right? It needs to be filtered out.

If you go to edit in the query builder, there is nothing particularly complicated here. One simple filter is applied to eliminate the entry whose page you are currently viewing.

Wp Query Wizard in Oxygen

This is a basic query, which will do exactly what I wrote above, with a small exception that it will display all the content (e.g. from the blog), and not only those which come from the same category, have the same tag or are otherwise related. This query can be extended by adding additional conditions by yourself or using another preset.

A slightly more elaborate example of a query

This way you can expand your queries in many ways, so that at a given point on the page you can extract exactly the content you want. It's a powerful tool that gives you huge possibilities, especially since you can also use dynamic data.

Compatibility with Rank Math

I am glad to see that there is finally a native integration of Oxygen with Rank Math. No need to combine anymore, just install Rank Math and use its content optimisation tools.

Other improvements include the code editor, or editing content in a text block. So there are no fireworks here, but Oxygen is consistently developing and getting better and better with each release.

By the way... something I hadn't noticed before, new plans have emerged.

Price list Oxygen

Not so long ago the highest plan was the Agency package. Now I see that another Ultimate plan has appeared for $229 and includes a new extension called Composite Elements.

What is crucial is that what you see above is LifeTime offer for an unlimited number of parties. This offer, however, is evolving! The Agency plan that previously cost $169 has increased in price to $199, and will eventually cost $279 or more, and it's not at all said that this will be a LifeTime offering.

So if you think that this WordPress website builder will be a good choice for your projects don't delay too much in your decision.

Composite Elements

This extension adds additional objects or widgets to Oxygen Builder if we want to use nomenclature from Elementor. At the moment, there are 19 of them and probably this number will grow. This is another tribute to the speed of design, which other builders are famous for.

Composite Elements - extension enriching Oxygen with new blocks

What widgets you will find in this extension:

  1. Accordion
  2. Back To Top
  3. Dashboard Tabs
  4. Dynamic Slider
  5. Flip Box
  6. Horizontal Divider
  7. Icon Button
  8. Icon List
  9. Image Comparison
  10. Mega Menu
  11. Number Counter
  12. Circular Counter
  13. Review Box
  14. Hover Scroll Image
  15. Section Indicator
  16. Switcher
  17. Table of Contents
  18. Focus Section
  19. Floating Icon Menu

You can find a demo of the individual widgets at: https://elijahmills.com/composite-elements-demo/

With them at your disposal, it will be much easier to develop an attractive website on Oxygen, even if you haven't had any experience with coding before.

There are also an increasing number of extensions created by external developers, e.g. Oxyninja are two products also in lifetime offers.

  • Ready-made blocks and arrangements, this is the first product. Where can I see examples of templates? See demo.
  • The second product is widgets for WooCommerce shops. You can find an example shop using only blocks of this extension here.


So much for today about Oxygen and the latest version 3.8. There are no exciting new features this time, but there are further improvements making this WordPress page builder even more attractive. Advanced WP Query builder for post lists, this is probably the most important change and very welcome.

However, Oxygen is still not a wizard for everyone. Most first-timers don't cope with it and go back to simpler wizards like Elementor. However, if you insist on mastering Oxygen I suspect you won't regret your decision 🙂 The learning curve is harder, but what you don't do for later design freedom combined with high quality code generated by WordPress. Web Vitals will be up and running any minute now!


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