Very often you will find a keyword like the one in the title of this article on websites offering web wizards. Launch your website in 5 minutes, Create a website in 5 minutes without programming knowledgeetc., etc... As if launching a website at express pace without knowledge of coding using other means would not be possible or more complicated. Is it really so? You can find out by watching the video below.

What you need

For that instant and actually launching a beautiful, functional website in minutes, you just need to use WordPress in combination with a good theme and Elementor. This will transform your site into your own personal builder and give you amazing opportunities to develop it.

In the video above I used one of the more interesting themes available for free. This theme is Astra.


Why should you be interested in this theme? First of all, in just a few moments you will be able to create a professional website, which can be edited in subsequent steps without any limitations. Secondly, it is one of the fastest and best optimised WordPress themes. Take a look at the site test we created in the video below.

After the website has been launched without any additional optimisation measures

gtmetrix before

Already at the start the result is very good. Many other themes in such a situation get a PageSpeed Score of 90%, and there are some that do not exceed this level.  

After page optimization with the LiteSpeed Cache plugin

gtmetrix after

Even better results. That's exactly what this theme does. Not only does it give you the ability to have a beautiful website up and running in no time, but it also makes it fast. If you use a good hosting account e.g. WP Lite The website works like crazy, and for you this means not only an increase in its effectiveness, but also an increase in the chances of better search engine positions.

Another advantage is great cooperation with Elementor and a large package of ready-made pages using the benefits of this builder.

Try this

If you are just on the lookout for an easy, inexpensive and highly successful way to have your own small website, be sure to test this example. All you need is a hosting account and WordPress installed, and then you just need to repeat my actions shown in the video. I think you will be positively surprised with the results.

The hosting accounts needed to run the site can be found in the Shared hosting or WordPress hosting.


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