Everyone seems to know what it is landing pageBut when I start to delve into the subject with my interlocutor, it often turns out that this knowledge is very superficial and even more often not used in practice.

Have you ever run an advertising campaign on Facebook or Google Ads, for example, and directed traffic to your shop's homepage? A banally simple action. Click, click and you are the proud creator of an ad that should bring you money. The question is, does it actually make money? Is it not the case that you invest your money in campaigns, and after a month it turns out that you have not earned anything? Facebook and Google have made money, but not you! Why? You ask yourself. What did I do wrong? After all, I have such a great product, so I don't understand why it's not selling!

How we look for

I could answer this question briefly: we are searching ever faster. We expect short, digestible information from the web, which will satisfy our needs like lightning. If we don't find it, we look for it further and further, wasting much more time on the search than if we focused longer on browsing the first or second page we came across in the process. We want things to be quick and to the point, so when we don't see something we immediately lose interest in it.

If, like me, you sell services or courses and refer anyone interested the WordPress course If you go to the home page of a shop with different courses, how many people do you think will be interested enough to make a further attempt to search inside your shop? It will be a small percentage of people who may already know you, or the very desperate... Most will take a quick look and close the page, and you will pay for that entry.

Landing page

Landing pageA lead magnet page is a separate page or subpage within your website, or created externally, that is designed to perform a very specific task. This task may be the sale of a product, sale of a service, it may be a page offering a lead magnet (gift) in exchange for signing up to a mailing list, it may be a page encouraging registration, etc...

When I started 25 years ago no one had heard of landing pages, internet marketing was in its infancy then, but around 2003 this started to change.

The first landing pages were created by Microsoft in response to poor sales of Office. Over time, this method of increasing sales proved so attractive and effective that it has become a permanent fixture in the online marketing landscape and there are no good marketing agencies today that do not use this technique. You should definitely look into it if you haven't already.

Why the landing page is effective

Because it logical extension of advertising. If you edit the ad well in terms of a specific service, product, satisfaction of need ... and the ad is an intriguing teaser of something the addressee is looking for, then after clicking it, he will go to the landing page, which will precisely develop this particular theme. Thanks to this, the potential customer will not feel lost, he will simply be able to consume more content, content that was announced in the ad and is not forced to search further, you give him what he needs on a platter and in a nice package. The less confusion, the fewer distractions the better for your campaigns.

In advertising, precision is key, meaning the right target audience and the right message to encourage a click. If you target the homepage of the shop its effectiveness will be low, if you target a product category it may be slightly better, but if you develop a landing page that focuses on the specific product that the customer is looking for and that you are talking about in the ad, then the conversion rate will be significantly higher and the cost of the ad will be recouped more quickly.

Landing page structure

The simplest and most common variety of landing page is a single page where, in addition to the content, there are call to action buttons such as BUY NOW, registration form, gift download option, etc. Someone clicks on the button goes, for example, to the shopping cart and completes the order.

This form has been around since the beginning, but because marketers are creative people, constantly looking for new ways to increase sales, experiments began to emerge that led to what are known as sales funnels, of which the landing page may be the main element, or it may just be an add-on within a larger strategy.

A simple funnel based on a landing page: Landing Page (Sales) > Purchase > Upsell > Acknowledgement. In this case we have not one, but four pages that are linked together. The structures can be as complex as you like and some large campaigns have them very elaborate by combining multiple processes and multiple sales techniques in one bag.

How to create a landing page

Do I need to set up an additional domain, install a separate WordPress or other tools? It is up to you. Yes, you can register a separate domain for landing pages, you can install a separate WordPress for each page, but you should be aware that this is not the only and not necessarily the best path.

Use what you have

You can use your own domain and your main WordPress installation, and if you have Elementora Use the mode that allows you to hide the standalone header and footer, and then arrange the content, which in the case of this builder should not cause you much trouble. If you don't feel up to it, you can always import ready-made examples and just adjust them according to your needs.

Use the plug-in

Another way is to install a plugin that is specifically designed for landing pages and increasing the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. One of the leading ones on the market is CartFlows. I am happy to use it and recommend it to my customers. The free version allows you to quickly launch the landing page, the order page and the thank you page. In turn CartFlows PRO is the ability to design more elaborate sales funnels.

I am currently testing another solution which is still very young but seems to be very promising. On top of that, it doesn't require the installation of WooCommerce, which for someone who sells a small number of products can be even more beneficial. I will share more information about it soon.

Use an external tool

If you feel that a better option is to use an independent external solution, do so. You can use dozens of applications for this purpose. The one I use most often is SwipePages. Why? Because it generates very fast pages at a good price, and on top of that there's the ability to run AMP loading pages for mobile devices. Did I not mention A/B testing? They're there too.

Loading page speed

With reference to the previous paragraph, I can only confirm that speed is of paramount importance when it comes to landing pages. The longer a page takes to load the less effective it will be and vice versa. Therefore, if you use WordPress take care of its proper optimisation of and caching mechanisms, this is important. If you are unable to do this use external tools such as the previously mentioned SwipePages.

A/B testing

Don't launch a campaign until you've set up A/B testing to tell you which version of your website is more effective. This is one of the basic mistakes beginner marketers make. They make a landing page because that's supposedly the right thing to do, and they run an ad on it right away. The question, however, is how do they know if what they have developed will appeal and encourage a purchase? The fact that you like the landing page and think it is the most beautiful one possible may turn out to be the worst converting version of the page when confronted with reality. And again the question will be asked: why doesn't anything sell, after all I have a landing page!

Simply launching a landing page does not guarantee you anything. Step by step, through trial and error, you need to arrive at a version of it that actually sells. You will achieve this by implementing A/B testing.


For some, the concept of a landing page, sales page, landing page (these are all synonyms) seems like something that requires a large commitment of time and money. In reality, you need a bit of theory (without it, it will be more difficult) and tools that will enable you to launch such pages efficiently. Try to choose tools that give you flexibility without blocking your ideas.


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