Setting up a pharmacy is still one of the most beneficial ways to invest money, according to statistics from business organisations. Poles are increasingly willing to buy medicines, supplements and use natural and organic products offered by pharmacies. The question remains whether it is better to set up a traditional pharmacy or an online shop.

Internet Shops

Although most of us still cannot get used to online shops, from the entrepreneur's point of view, they are a much more beneficial investment. First of all, setting up an online pharmacy does not require us to invest so much. We do not have to rent special space and, most importantly, adapt it to our needs and requirements in relation to customers. The pharmacy must meet the appropriate conditions and aesthetic requirements. Adapting a room in its raw state is an expense of several dozen thousand zlotys. In the case of an online shop, the expenditure in this respect is practically zero.

It is also much more economical to stock the pharmacy. The difference between a traditional pharmacy and an online pharmacy is the difference in product availability. As far as a stationary shop is concerned, the majority of basic medicines, creams or dressings must be available on site. Some less common remedies can be sold on request, but the pharmacy itself must be properly equipped. This, of course, requires us to set aside additional financial resources.


In addition, greater flexibility in terms of importing goods means that, paradoxically, as the owner of an online pharmacy, we can create a richer and more interesting offer for the customer. The only thing we need to know and be sure of is that we are able, once a suitable order has been placed, to import the agent in question and send it to the customer within forty-eight hours of purchase. This gives us the opportunity to offer products that we do not have in stock.

Online pharmacy also means reaching potentially more customers. There are no geographical limitations here. While the traditional point of this type must count on local residents, in the case of online pharmacy, we do not have to worry about geography at all. Advertising through social media, mailing or using positioning, can be directed to all.

Easy accessibility

Ultimately, the online pharmacy is much easier to use. The whole process of collecting orders and sending parcels may seem logistically complicated, but the key issue here is only signing a relevant contract with the Polish Post Office or any carrier or courier. The rest of the tasks can be done with less staff than in the case of stationary shops. This again means a reduction in our fixed costs, which will allow us to offer our customers lower, attractive prices, which in some cases can be as much as thirty percent lower than in stationary, traditional pharmacies.

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