I don't have to prove that Elementor PRO version is the fastest growing WordPress builder for WooCommerce websites and shops.

The first release of Elementor came out in mid-2016, and today the developers are celebrating crossing 4 million installations 👏👏

Such great popularity, however, usually also entails undesirable consequences. One of these is the classic phenomenon of piracy. I do not know whether you have come across this topic in the context of Elementora PRO, but I have seen many sites that offer to buy the paid version of Elementor on "great" terms.


Why is this the case? We need to be aware of the fact that WordPress and basically its entire environment is based on the GPL license. This is a free software license that guarantees the freedom to copy, share and modify the software. This is the main factor paving the way for this type of practice, of which there is no shortage.

Seeing the tempting offer, many people eventually come to the conclusion that if you can have a plug-in cheaper by buying it outside the manufacturer's website and its official distribution channels, then why not? However, it is important to be aware of the risk we expose ourselves and our project to when we decide to make such a choice.

What are your risks?

Research by Microsoft or IDC indicates that by choosing to pirate software the chances of catching spyware, viruses etc. in this way is around 33%.

Roughly 70 percent of ransomware attacks target small businesses, and the average ransom demanded by hackers in 2018 was $118,000.

So it's not hard to conclude that the potential personal, business and financial risk is not worth saving a few dollars by opting for a pirated version of a plugin or theme.

It is also worth bearing in mind the regulations related to personal data protection. More and more users of web resources are sensitive on this point. More and more countries are introducing further regulations in this area, which do not only apply to giants such as Google or Facebook, but also to you the small businessman.

When you choose to use pirated software, you increase the risk of hacking and consequently leak your and your customers' data, which can have unpleasant consequences.

Wordpress is the most popular platform for running websites and shops in the world. More than 35% websites are currently using this system. These are huge numbers, incomparable to any other tool of this kind. Consequently, if we are talking about numbers, it is estimated that around 10,000 sites running on WordPress are hacked every year. Quite a lot right? But remember, we're dealing with an incredibly popular CMS here.

What is the most common cause of problems?

Research has shown that the causes of hacking are overwhelmingly not related to the WordPress core itself. The community of developers around this project is constantly updating it eliminating any vulnerabilities that have been discovered in line with the latest web security standards. So if you follow basic security rules, your website running on WordPress is safe. But...

The vast majority of hacks are the consequence of using plugins or themes that are not developed, updated or optimised properly. That's why it is so important for you to skilfully choose add-ons with which you enrich the functionality of your website or online shop. I talk about all this during our courses and meetings, where I suggest mechanisms and additional security measures that you can implement immediately.

Hosting accounts for WordPress also have mechanisms in place to monitor the most important security aspects of your website or shop. If a problem arises, you have this information and can react immediately, which only requires you to know how to use your mouse. This is worth knowing about and using.

What about SEO?

The security of your website also has a real impact on SEO and consequently on the organic traffic it will generate.

GoDaddy has conducted a study which shows that 73.4% of the attacked sites are used for spammy SEO campaigns. As a result of such campaigns, a massive drop in search engine positions and thus organic traffic can be observed. This drop can reach almost 80%.


Another problem that pirated plugins can generate is lack of compatibility with new versions of WordPress or new versions of other plugins you use. Every self-respecting developer makes sure that their extension is always compatible with the latest WordPres. It is no different in the case of Elementor and Elementor PRO. If you take a look at the update history you will notice that new versions are released very often.


Another topic is support. In the world of software, bugs and various problems with the functioning of a given tool are a daily bread. It does not matter whether it is a product of Microsoft, IBM or any other smaller player.

What do you usually do when you have a problem with software, e.g. it turns out that it is not compatible with another tool that you use, or simply something does not work as it should? You can write to support explaining the problem and there is a good chance that the issue will soon be resolved. If your problem is caused by the fact that you do not know how to work with the tool, you will surely receive help and advice on what to do to make it work.

However, if you are using pirate software, you can forget about any support in this area. You will have to deal with problems on your own.

Blocking development

Most WordPress add-on development companies adopt the so-called freemium model in their business strategy. This means that the software they work on has two versions. One is a free version usually available in the WordPress repository and the other is a paid version offering more features and access to said support. Exactly the same model is implemented in the case of Elementor.

Very often the only income of these companies is the commercial version of the tool they offer. The money they earn thanks to this is used to pay programmers and to invest in further development of the WordPress ecosystem.

If you start using a pirated version, you are effectively cutting off the project's funding supply. To put it bluntly you contribute to the project failing at some point. If there are a lot of such bricks, what happens then? The tool which you value so much and which helps you develop your business will suddenly stand still. It will simply not have the necessary financing to continue its existence. You should also be aware of the fact that the more popular a solution is, the higher the requirements of its community of users, and this in a straight line translates into growing costs of maintenance and development.

By using pirated versions you screw the tap, limiting the further flourishing of the tool, or in extreme situations stopping it altogether.

You can ask yourself a simple question. What benefit did I actually get by choosing to pirate? I saved a few dollars. OK, but so what if now the tool you and others value so much can't keep up with your ever-growing needs. Is that a real benefit?


The more popular the WordPress add-on, especially for WordPress where demand is incomparably higher compared to other CMS systems, the more 'golden deals' there are in the market.

If you fall for such an offer, be aware that the risk of potential problems increases significantly. You never really know what is written in the code of such a plugin or theme.

Apart from the fact of respect for the work of programmers, which in such a situation clearly begins to lack, remember that you deprive yourself of support, often also updates, and you contribute to the problems of authors in the field of financing and further development of the plug-in.

If you care about the development of the Elementor you are using, and you are trying to get into the PRO version just don't buy it from any other site except the manufacturer's site: Elementor PRO website By doing so, you will thank the developers for their work and contribute to the further development of this successful builder.


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  1. The author forgot to add that this applies not only to wordoress and its extensions. If a digital product available on the web is very complex (extensive), it is most likely a commercial product - even though it is available for free or for a suspiciously low price (e.g. chomikuj.pl). Before you start using something like that, find out on what basis the product is made available by the producer. Apart from security issues, also take into account moral issues and call a spade a spade - THAT IS THEFT!
    And if spiritual matters are not completely indifferent to you, then also recall the content of the seventh commandment.

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