Briefly, informatively. From today, i.e. 9 August, until 24 August 2019 there is a competition in which the main prize is a flagship JZS product: WordPress course. In the play the main prize three people win. Each of them will receive unlimited time access to the course, a closed forum and additionally a surprise gift 🙂 If you are not a course participant yet, there is nothing to wait for. The amount of knowledge you will gain will save you a lot of time and money.

This competition is unique in every way. The main prize in the form of a course is intended for three people, but in practice everyone is a winner as you only need to earn 20 points in the fun to receive a guaranteed bonus of a 50% discount on any course of your choice (WordPress, Elementor PRO or WooCommerce)!
Crazy, right? But what the heck, let's let this Holidays end in good spirits 🙂 .

Come on in! 


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