Plug-ins for online booking are an extremely useful solution for entrepreneurs providing services. They enable quick, easy and financially unencumbered implementation of a professional system for booking and managing services directly from the website.

Booking plugins - what services can be booked?

Among others, accommodation in hotels, guest houses and other holiday resorts. Excursions and trips for tourism, training, integration, etc. Closed events such as conferences, training courses or lectures. Sports activities and training. Visits to doctors, nutritionists, psychologists. Visits to a lawyer's office, legal advisor's office or visits to SPA, beauty salons, hairdressing salons. Booking equipment rental, conference rooms... uffff I could go on and on. If you provide services, you will probably also find application for this type of solutions. Booking plugins will make it easier for you to manage time in your work on a daily basis.

Below are four sample WordPress booking plugins that allow you to run your own independent 'booking' system on your website. There are of course many more, so if you don't like them, you can use Google to find other suggestions.

Appointment Booking Calendar


A plug-in for managing and accepting bookings for services that take place in specific time periods. The free version only supports one calendar, which is however sufficient in most cases.

The properties include, among others, the following: creation of any services for reservations, the ability to book online, confirmations and e-mail notifications, which can be edited, iCalendar compatibility - the ability to export to Apple iCal, MS Outlook, Google Calendar and other programs, an anti-spam system, the ability to set permissions for different types of users, a printable list of reservations, the ability to accurately define time periods for an event, and integration with PayPal payment system.

In the PRO version you will find the ability to support multiple calendars, support of coupons and discount codes, the ability to differentiate prices for services.

Bookly - Responsive Appointment Booking Application


One of the more interesting proposals. The Lite (free) version is a basic distribution of the plugin that allows you to create an appointment booking calendar. It allows you to create any number of services for booking, offers a user-friendly and easy-to-use interface. Booking is done in five intuitive steps. The Lite version of the plugin allows you to manage bookings from the admin panel, change the duration of services, as well as a lot of options, allowing you to tailor the plugin to your website's needs.

In the PRO version you will additionally find the possibility to integrate with PayPal payment system, e-mail notifications, support of discount coupons, possibility to add an unlimited number of employees, shortcodes and advanced booking system settings and other extensions, increasing the functionality of the plug-in.

Booking Calendar


An advanced plug-in that allows you to create a professional booking system on your website, where Internet users can check availability of services and make reservations in just a few moments. The free version supports multi-day and full-day bookings. Reservations for services or events lasting several hours are available only in the PRO version. In the free version, only one calendar is available.

The main capabilities of the plugin include an elegant and customisable calendar, creation of any service, booking management from the admin panel, simple integration with the website, intuitive and user-friendly form interface, e-mal notifications.

In the PRO version, we will find additional functions, such as the already mentioned possibility of booking events lasting several hours, a field for accepting the regulations, the possibility of configuring the form fields, integration with PayPal and support for several currencies, as well as export of data to CSV Lists.



Finally, my favourite plug-in Booked. It is extremely simple, but at the same time offers a considerable amount of possibilities. What is very important for me is the integration with Woocommerce, which means that we are not doomed to accept payments only through PayPal or other channels, not very popular in Poland: PayU, tPay, DotPay etc....

The plug-in does not have a free version. Its cost is 69 dollars. This is not much considering what we get in return. The ability to create multiple calendars and their integration with Google Calendar, integration with Woocommerce, email notifications and reminders (too bad there are no SMS notifications yet).

Brief summary

Booking plugins available for sites built on WordPress are quite an interesting alternative to SaaS (subscription-based, cloud-based, etc.) or expensive dedicated solutions. In conclusion, there is something for every user and entrepreneur. If you do not need a version with additional, extended options, certainly the basic versions will be sufficient. It is also worth noting that some of the presented plugins in their free versions offer what others do in their paid versions


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