Who wouldn't want to be in the top 10 of Google search results for popular phrases, thus gaining substantial traffic and lots of new customers. This is the dream of every entrepreneur who sets up their first website. Unfortunately, reality is brutal and it often turns out that a beautifully designed website with a very attractive offer, despite the owner's expectations that it will sell, somehow does not want to do so. Why? Because nobody knows about it!

When setting up your site, don't forget about an extremely important aspect of being online today - marketing - ubiquitous marketing. In this article I will focus on one aspect of it.

Website positioning

When working with clients' websites, I often ask them about SEO. It turns out that everyone has heard of it. Great! However, after a while it turns out that a lot of them have heard about it, but don't really know what it is and what it can be used for. So in order to make what I am going to write about clear for everyone, let me give you two sentences of explanation.
To put it simply, Positioning is a series of actions whose aim is to make your website appear as high as possible in search engine results after your potential, perhaps future client types in a specific phrase, e.g. "garage" or "good pizza Lublin", "cheap accountant Krakow" etc. etc. If you serve the aforementioned pizza in Lublin, it would be good to be listed high in the results for the aforementioned phrase, preferably in the first place or at least in the top 10, i.e. on the first page of search results, as people rarely go further. However, creating and launching a website alone will not make it happen, unless you do something so niche that you have practically no competition, but if you have a pizzeria, car repair shop, medical office, accounting office or something else equally popular, it may be much more difficult. Why? Because many of these sites have been around for a long time and are more or less well established, and there are probably quite a few of them in your area. Although you are just starting you have a chance to jump over them, but it takes time and appropriate action. In such a situation with help comes positioning, which simplifying consists of several elements.

SEO optimisation

SEO and positioning are often treated as synonymous with the same process, but this is not quite the case. SEO or (search engine optimisation) as the name suggests, is a process aiming at bringing a website to a state which will be adored by the Google search engine. Therefore, these are activities within the website, which include technical aspects as well as content-related aspects, up to the point of content marketing, about which I will write a separate article at the earliest opportunity. With SEO, you bring your website to a state that allows Google to better read, understand and evaluate its content. It is an important part of a larger whole, i.e. positioning, although it is still often underestimated.

The first step is a well conducted SEO auditDuring this process you will eliminate basic errors and shortcomings, which are usually quite common among your competitors, and I bet that your website is no exception. By doing this, you gain the first element of advantage over many of your competitors who may have settled on their laurels and do not pay attention to the topic of SEO optimisation. Be consistent and it will bear fruit over time.

Content marketing

As I mentioned, I will write a separate text on this topic, but now I will only mention that it is another important element in today's positioning. For a long time Google has been attaching more and more importance to the content it finds on a given page. If a website is poor in content, Google thinks that it has little to offer to Internet users, which makes it difficult for it to stand out in the results above websites from the same industry, which have much richer and more attractive content. This trend is growing, therefore soon business card websites will not have the right to exist in the organic results. If you want to appear high on such websites, you will have to invest in ads such as AdWords, otherwise no new client will find you. The advantage of good content on the website is, apart from the aforementioned favorable view of Google, is also the possibility of acquiring traffic from the so-called long tail. Very often such traffic can convert very well by acquiring new clients.
Let's take an accountancy firm's website. If you make a page with three sections: About the company, Offer, Contact, you do not really stand out from your competitors. The content is, to put it mildly, standard, not bringing any positive value. However, if you start a blog on your website and regularly write texts on topics relevant to your current and future Clients, then the situation will start to change. For example, you can write a series of texts in which you honestly present how to set up a business. What will happen? Well, that after some time you will notice traffic from Google for phrases such as: "how to set up a business", "setting up a company"etc... They are none other than your potential clients! If they are looking for such information, they are probably about to start a business and will be looking for an accounting office. So give them what they are looking for, and probably many of them, apart from just reading your texts, will ask you about your offer and become your clients. If you were to content yourself with three sections with the same information as hundreds of other offices, you wouldn't have much chance of attracting the traffic related to the need to set up a business.

Link building

In the past, SEO was very easy. All you had to do was fire up a bot flying around the so-called "SEO directories", banging out comments with links on WordPress or various forums and you'd instantly hit the top positions in Google. However, it turned out that this mechanism of valuing sites is poor. A lot of rubbish sites appeared in the results, which could be easily boosted, while the valuable ones were lost in the crowd of mediocrities. Google came to the conclusion that this could not continue and started to change. I will not go into details because this text is supposed to be general information, I will only say that these practices have been effectively curbed, and positioning has become a respected profession, which not everyone is able to cope with (read do it well).

What does link building look like today? The more natural the better. Remember that any form of artificial link building breaks Google's guidelines. In general, positioning in this context is an activity that does not comply with search engine guidelines, which means that it is also potentially dangerous and can be harmful if done in an ill-considered manner or simply without proper knowledge in this area. How to obtain natural links? If only through content marketing, about which there were a few words earlier. By writing valuable content people will start sharing it, linking to it on their pages, sharing it in social media. This really has power. Moving on. Add yourself to popular, trustworthy industry directories. Share on industry forums and occasionally share some text (link) from your library. Be active on social media.

How do we get on with it?

That's a lot, isn't it? I will comfort you, these are only three main pillars, but that is not all. In order to run the whole thing sensibly, you need to devote not so little of your free time to it. That's why the SEO industry has so much to do, because most entrepreneurs don't have time to run a company and at the same time take care of the positioning of their website in Google. You can't know everything and do it well - usually something has to suffer.

So the easiest way is to outsource. However, prices are very different, which depends on the agency as well as the industry you operate in, for example the financial or automotive industry are thicker topics, where top players operating on the national market invest tens of thousands per month in activities related to their positions in search engines. That's a lot, that's why if you are thinking about setting up a website offering credits and you think that this way you will gain clients from all over Poland, its positioning may be very painful for your wallet and may turn out to be completely ineffective. The same will happen in the case of campaigns such as Adwords, where the cost per click is a dozen or even more than 20 PLN. The budget runs away instantly. If you have a small amount of funds, in such a situation a well-planned content marketing strategy and building a long tail, plus activities in the area of word-of-mouth marketing and locally targeted seo are able to achieve something with a lower budget, but you should talk about this with a specialist who will analyze your specific case.

An opportunity by the way

As usual, I have something for my readers, especially those small and medium enterprises. If you would like to receive an offer from TAKMEDIA agency specialising in providing services to small and medium-sized companies, please go to the address below and fill in the offer enquiry form. You will receive a free, no-obligation offer and proposal for cooperation, and if you write in the field with additional information that you hit it off with JZS (how to make a website), you will only pay half price in the first month of service! Either way, their prices are attractive, calibrated to the needs of small businesses.

Finally, perhaps a few more sentences. As you can see positioning is a complex subject, which consists of many factors interacting with each other. Proper strategy, well planned and implemented actions are able to do a lot of good for you and your business. Don't give up this opportunity, especially if you are building your website from the beginning or already running it with profits in mind. And be patient. Everything you do will bear fruit sooner or later. How quickly you'll see measurable results depends on your industry, the number of competitors and how they treat SEO. Agencies usually assume that the first effects are visible after 3 months of action, but in some difficult industries it can take even a year, and I know some cases where the effects were visible within a week. Patience, consistency and good strategy is the key to success.


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