Launching an advertising campaign on the Internet is quite a challenge for a person who is just making his first steps. If you are such a person, you should stop your enthusiasm for a while and the vision of making a lot of money quickly by reaching a huge number of potential customers.

Prepare yourself properly first. If you don't, the result will be a very hard landing. In most cases, you'll end up burning through your budget, which means that your advertising won't even reimburse you for the costs you incurred for it.

Reach for tutorials, courses and first learn at least the basics, so that you know what mistakes not to make (although in practice you will not avoid many of them anyway). Such an approach will minimise the risk of disappointment and allow you to continue your adventure with the world of Internet advertising.

Campaign design

In most cases of nascent marketers and website owners at the same time, the design of an advertising campaign is overlooked. We assume that advertising is nothing after all. It is enough to enter the ad manager for example on Facebook and create an ad targeted at a specific group, and then it remains to analyse its effectiveness.

Designing your campaign is extremely important because it is the plan that gives you a better chance of success. It's not just about the ad launch itself, but also what happens afterwards. A well-designed strategy can clearly increase the return on your advertising investment, and after all, when you launch an ad that's usually exactly what you want to achieve with it.

I know of cases where subsequent stages of a campaign have generated additional and not insignificant profit, which would not have been there if only the advertising had been launched. Bear this in mind.

Define the target group

This is one of the most important elements of a campaign that determines its success or failure. For example, if you have a children's product, you should probably first narrow your audience to women with children of age X, which will correlate with the product. If you go broad and target all women at once, then the ad will show to every female, even those who already have adult children or no children at all. This means spending much more than you assume and thus burning through your budget becomes a bitter reality.

It is worth testing several groups, because unfortunately it is often the case that a group which in our opinion seems to be ideal does not have to be.

Pay attention to the results

Not just on how much you've earned, although of course that's a key metric, but no less important is other data such as cost per conversion. You may find that you are in the positive, but the cost per conversion can still be lowered, meaning you can earn more. Or it may turn out that you are in the red because the cost per conversion is too high and exceeds your earnings. You absolutely must do something to change this. Perhaps it's stopping the campaign, or optimising it less drastically.

Don't skip remarketing

Remarketing is usually less expensive than a standard advertising campaign. The idea is to remind yourself of people who have been to your website, but haven't decided on an action that is in the focus of your attention, such as a purchase. In simple terms: if someone arrives on your website, your ad starts to 'follow' them. What's more, this can apply to a specific sub-page. Someone opens your product page, so you then chase them around the internet reminding them of that particular product. This is a great way to increase earnings and brand awareness.

Do not do this

Above all, be patient. With campaigns like Facebook's, your ads take time to show their real effectiveness. Facebook is learning them. This takes time because you need to collect 50 conversions for the learning process to be complete and only then can you check the result. If you make changes in the learning process, the learning will start again each time. During the learning stage, results can jump around like crazy. From great to terrible, so wait for this stage and only then make decisions.

Tools for creating and optimising campaigns

The basic tools are those offered by Facebook or Google and other platforms such as TikTok, LinkedIn or Twitter... They are the most commonly used because, on the one hand, they cost nothing and, on the other, they allow you to precisely manage your campaign. For this reason alone, it is worth getting to know them. They are quite different from each other, which does not make things easier for someone who is just starting out, on the contrary. How to grasp it all? There is nothing else to do but to devote some of your time and this will translate into better results.

Below you'll find some of the other tools I use to create campaigns and optimise them according to current needs, pulling out the best features.


One of the top solutions is AdEspresso. Allows you to create and optimize Facebook, Instagram and Google campaigns. Very good, but after the recent changes quite expensive as you get access to the app for $49 a month, but you have to pay for a year in advance. Some time ago they had monthly plans, but as far as I can see they have been withdrawn.

The $49 plan is the cheapest plan and has fewer options than the more expensive ones. Additionally, the maximum monthly spending on advertisements is USD 1000, which allows you to launch only low-budget campaigns. For someone who is making his first steps, this price may be prohibitive.

AdEspresso is one of the first solutions of its kind on the market, but fortunately not the only one.


A product that relates quite strongly in capabilities to AdEspresso, although it is much younger and still many features need to be either polished or added. However, it is very interesting. Like AddEspresso, it allows you to create automation related to the optimization of the campaign, which, when certain conditions are created, can turn off the ad, increase its budget, reduce it, etc. ... At the moment, when I am writing this article Scalify offers the possibility of creating and optimizing ads only on Facebook, but other platforms are also announced. Google Ads will appear first.

Pricing Scalify is much more affordable, as you will pay $39 for monthly subscription access. You get access to all the capabilities of the tool! On top of that, the monthly ad spend limit with this plan is $5,000. So the difference in cost is very significant.

What's cool is that you integrate Scalify not only with Facebook, but also with your shop e.g. WooCommerce, and this gives you even more information about the effectiveness of your marketing activities.


I have been using this tool for a while now and I will stay with it for a little longer. I still don't know why, but working with it I feel that everything happens by itself 🙂 Of course it is just an illusion, but the interface and the possibilities Adyouneed they appeal to me.


The way a tool looks is, despite appearances, not without significance. The way we navigate, the way we get to the relevant data, all this affects the efficiency of our work and saves time, which as an independent marketer and business owner at the same time, you don't have much of 🙂 .

The colours are, of course, a matter of individual choice, but I like them (a little flashy). There is also an option to switch to dark mode, so as far as I'm concerned in this field I have everything I need 🙂 .

Advertising campaign data presented in the form of graphs.

The process of creating an advertising campaign

It consists of 5 steps. Whether you create a campaign for Facebook, Instagram, Google or soon for TikTok, the interface doesn't change so you feel at home 🙂

Step 1

Platform - This is where you decide where the ad should be broadcast. In the case of Facebook and Instagram, you can create a campaign targeting both of these social media platforms in one go or create separate campaigns for each. Additionally, as I mentioned there is also Google and TikTok lurking around the corner.

Choice of platform, e.g. Facebook, Google TikTok

Step 2

What do you want to achieve with the campaign? Will it be a campaign to get traffic to your website, a conversion (e.g. an in-store purchase), likes and comments on your Facebook page, collecting leads, or do you want to use a product catalogue from your shop.

Choice of campaign objective

You choose what you care about and move on to the next step.

Step 3

Target groups - you can manually select your ideal group if you already know it. You can also choose the remarketing campaign option or let Adyouneed find your optimal audience for you.

Target groups for an advertising campaign

How does the search for the perfect group on Adyouneed work? It is a very simple activity. You choose two areas of interest related to what you offer. Right away, the app will show you 6 groups with interests similar to the ones you've indicated. Once the campaign has been launched for the next 5 days, the app will test a total of 15 different target groups that it selects itself during this process, and after 5 days you will see the group(s) that are most promising!

Selecting a target group is not always an easy task. It is usually quite a challenge. But with a solution like this at your disposal, the road becomes less bumpy.

Step 4

This is where you create a creation, i.e. you decide what type of presentation you want to use, e.g. a classic photo or video, a carousel, a story or you just want to promote an existing entry on your fanpage.

Type of advertising

You also have the option of running Canva or Crello for quickly creating attractive graphics. Very convenient and I am glad that Crello is here, which I use a little more often than Canva. This functionality, these integrations, it's another time-saver, because created graphic with one click jumps to Adyouneed 🙂

Quick integration with Canva and Crello

Step 5

This is a summary of everything you've done so far, as well as a place to set your budget, start and end dates for your campaign. Useful is the option to save the campaign as a "draft", which allows you to quickly return to it at a later time and continue working. You can change the target groups or the very creations of individual ads.

Summary and definition of campaign budget

A/B testing

Something you should not overlook. Adyouneed allows you to very quickly and conveniently create A/B tests for both target groups and the ad creatives themselves. It will instantly generate up to a hundred ad combinations, which could take a long time with a standard ad management tool.

How much does Adyouneed cost?

This costs so in between what AdEspresso and Scalify offer. The price starts at $50 per month and the ad spend limit is at $1,000 per month. Exactly the same as in AdEspress. But there is a monthly billing model for that 🙂 The version with no spending limit, costs $100 per month.


The campaign strategy or simply the design of your advertising campaign is a step you should never skip. You can use GERU or another tool, or even a sheet of paper and a pencil, as long as you remember this step.

If you feel that all the native ad management tools are too difficult and time-consuming for you to master, reach for one of the above solutions or look for others. The ones I pointed out are not the only ones!

An investment in advertising is your money, so make sure you make the most of it.


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