Good optimisation of your website content for SEO is a key element of any SEO campaign. Of course, optimisation alone does not guarantee you a higher position in search results, but it is undoubtedly a factor that helps search engines understand and get to know your site better.

I know of many examples where the very SEO optimisation It caused a clear jump in the position in search results, but as I mentioned above, it does not guarantee anything like that. So is it worth to bother with it in such a situation? Definitely yes!

Today I'd like to show you one of the more interesting plugins that takes SEO optimization to the next level. If you already run your site on WordPress, you've probably come across extensions like Yoast SEO, All In One SEO and similar. The two extensions I just mentioned are, at the moment, the most popular tools used to optimise websites for better search engine positioning. However, they are not the only ones.

Rank Math a new player in the SEO plugin market

Well Rank Math. What is this plugin? Let's start with the fact that it is a relatively young extension, as it officially appeared in the WordPress repository in November 2018. However, it is gaining more and more interest, thanks to the huge range of possibilities that the plugin offers already in the free version.

Looking at its capabilities from the perspective of nearly three years of its presence on the market, the plug-in is undoubtedly a mature product. On the web you will find many opinions, both those that praise the plugin to the skies and those that rubbish it. As it usually happens, sometimes it is difficult to determine which of them are artificially driven by the manufacturer's marketing (positive), by competition (negative), and which come from real users.

In the first period of the plugin's functioning, among the negative reviews, reviewers usually focused on errors, accusing the manufacturer of releasing the extension without its prior solid testing. Among them you can find also those where the authors indicate that the main page of the plugin uses Yoast SEO. And indeed it was so for a short while 🙂 .

One of the most irritating arguments against the plugin that I have found is that it is developed by Indians. Hmmm, the author bluntly writes that Indians are evil incarnate and therefore, this plug-in is surely also do.... 

As far as I am concerned, I have had very positive experiences with companies from India. Take for example BrainStorm Force a company that develops the extremely popular and highly acclaimed Astra whether plug-ins such as Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg, CartFlows, etc.

It cannot be ruled out that suppliers of other extensions may find it salubrious that Rank Math in its free version offers functionalities that in many cases are only available from competitors in paid versions of SEO plugins. It is therefore understandable that the emergence of such a product could significantly cut into competitors' revenues.

In practice, it is always best to check for yourself how one or another extension behaves in a particular case and whether it will be suitable for you or not. Let's see what the plug-in offers at the moment Rank Math.

Rank Math from behind the scenes

Plug-in Rank Math As I already mentioned it is available for free and we can install it directly from the WordPress repository. There is also a version available Rank Math PRObut I will mention it at the end.

After installing the plug-in, we can connect the plug-in installation with our account on the producer's website (in this situation, you need to set it up). This is an optional option, but by choosing this connection we will gain keyword suggestions and SEO analysis

Rank Math and start the configuration wizard

When we do this, the vestibule of the configuration wizard is launched. Additionally, this is where the plugin verifies that we meet its technical requirements from our site's environment. We decide if we want to use the wizard in Basic mode (if you don't feel up to it choose this option), Advanced mode where you decide all the configuration parameters of the plug-in and User mode available only if you have the PRO version of the plug-in.

Three operating modes to choose from

If you already use third-party plugins on your site that Rank Math successfully replaces you will have the option to import data from them. For example, if you use the YoastSEO plugin or the Redirection plugin, data from both of these extensions will be transferred to RankMath. From the tests I conducted, the plugin handled the imports without any major problems.

Note that the Rank Math plugin can replace many other plugins for you, which can have a positive impact on the performance and stability of your site - another plus.

The next stage of configuration is to determine the nature of your website. Depending on the type of business you run, choose the type of site and the type of business you are running. Enter your business name, upload your logo and default graphics for social media.

Page information configuration

The next step is to connect Google Search Console i Google Analytics. Very important. This will give you access to a lot of useful information directly from the Rank Math plugin cockpit.

Linking Rank Math with Google Search Console and Analytics statistics

Moving on, you will come to a place where you can configure the basic data for the generated site maps. You select the content types and taxonomies that you want to index in the search engine and move on. In our example, we have the two basic content types that the site uses which are Entries and Pages, as well as the basic categorisation of entries.

For example, if you have installed Elementora, or WooCommerce shop or you create your own types of content, the list of available options will be much larger. You only select those that you actually want to appear in Google's index.

Site map configuration

The last stage of configuration includes excluding empty categories and tags from the Google index, additionally if necessary you can set automatic addition of the nofollow attribute to all outgoing links.

Definition of whether to include empty categories and tags in the index

When everything is ready, you can additionally go to the advanced configuration, where you can activate role manager, 404 error monitoring and redirection mechanism, as well as structural data.

Configuration of default structural data

All the settings that we went through during the installation and activation of the plug-in can of course be freely modified at any time. When it comes to the subsequent configuration, the extension offers much more in this field. I would even say that there is so much of it that users who have no experience with SEO optimization may feel a bit overwhelmed. Should this happen, you can always switch to basic mode which will reduce the number of visible modules.

Rank Math cockpit with list of modules

Once you get through the basic configuration, the plugin is basically ready to go. In the video, which is available at the end of this article, you can see how working with this plugin looks like. In terms of content optimisation, the process is very similar to what we know from Yoast SEO, but additionally this plugin offers us free of charge possibility to optimise content for up to 5 key phrases (per page/article/product....), as well as key phrase suggestions.

Rank Math in the Gutenberg editor

Plug-in Rank Math In the future it will also offer us the possibility to easily build up an internal link structure. But even now we can mark selected articles as key articles, which in turn results in linking to them from other articles that may be related to them.

Rank Math and Elementor

Those of you who use Elementor in your work can optimise your content directly from within the editor. In fact, Rank Math was the first plugin to get such an integration with Elementor. It's very convenient.

Integration of Rank Math and Elementor

Rank Math PRO

In November 2020, the plug-in received its PRO version. Until now, only the free version was available. The PRO version offers many more possibilities, which are already enormous. The differences consist mainly in the fact that some modules have more configuration options, and additionally the analytical data downloaded from Google Search Console is more complete, and there is even an option to track the ranking for key phrases that are important from the point of view of our website and business. You can find a little more on this topic in a separate article Rank Math PRO.


Below you will find a video I made back in 2019 about Rank Math. In fact, it is still relevant although the interface of the plugin itself has undergone a facelift 🙂


Rank Mathis a plug-in which raises a lot of emotions. First of all, people who already have websites using other extensions and seeing the possibilities offered by the RankMath plug-in are eager to check its operation, but at the same time they are afraid that the change will have a negative impact on the positions already achieved. This is indeed a problem with which everyone must face up individually and make a decision on their own, taking all its consequences into account.

The tests I have carried out so far show that the plug-in copes very well with the task for which it was created. Rank Math has been running on JZS for more than 2 years and every website I launch for myself or a customer also has the RankMath implementation on the first day. I said goodbye to Yoast for good and I do not regret this decision at all.

The plugin, due to its capabilities, can be hard to bite by beginners and although the basic wizard allows you to launch it smoothly, if you want to take full advantage of its potential you need to devote some time to it. That is why I have prepared the following on PoznajWP SEO optimisation course using the Rank Math plugin. You are cordially invited.

Do I recommend it, yes. At the moment I have no negative experiences with this extension, quite the contrary. Rank Math offers more than other free plugins from the competition and so far, knock on wood, it does its job very well. So I'm looking forward to future releases, improvements and new features of Rank Math. If you already have some experience with this plugin, write in the comments.


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  1. Radosław says:

    I have a question because it's bothering me and it doesn't matter if I use Yoast SEO or Rank Math. Is google search Console for businesses or can a normal person running their blog on WordPress set up? I have heard that it is only for businesses. How is that?

    1. Radoslaw Google Serach Console is for every site owner regardless of the nature of the site. You can operate as a company or an individual running a blog.

      1. Radosław says:

        Thank you for your reply. I've linked to Google Search Console and I'm already two weeks in. However, the page description is different than what I have entered in this plugin. I don't know why. What do you think about WP Meta SEO?

        1. Google will not always insert a description like you add in the meta data. Google generates this description dynamically. Sometimes it will be what you have in the meta data, and sometimes Google will try to insert a fragment which, according to search engine algorithms, is closer to the query. However, it is important to have it properly edited. If this is done, don't worry about the rest.

  2. The buzz about RankMath is a fact. I use Pro myself. Krzysiek, can you point out the differences (shortcomings) vs All in One Seo PRO. I mean differences in achieving high ranking in Google, lack of important features that measurably affect ranking. What is missing? Skip the bits and pieces like keyword tracking etc. There are better tools for this purpose. I keep comparing the top 3 plugins and keep thinking about All in One PRO(now lower price). Light, easy and to the point. Write what you think so it will be easier to decide. The environment is woocommerce. Thank you

    1. I haven't had contact with All in One Seo for a long time so I can't reliably compare these two tools for your needs. For sure both of them do a great job in good hands 🙂 Choose the one you are more comfortable working with.

  3. I don't know when this article was written, but currently on the RankMath website there is a comparison of FREE vs PRO vs Business versions. When I look at the FREE version compared to the other versions it has only red "X" so it is probably something wrong?
    So far I am using Yoast in the free version and some of my posts are on the first pages in Google. Now I'm afraid that if I change this plugin to RankMath, it will see a downfall due to the lack of it in the PRO version.
    Of course, $59 is not an intimidating amount, but when I count how many paid subscriptions I already have it makes my brow furrow a little. The other thing is that it's obvious that money has to be spent, but I wouldn't want to do it in a stupid way - like I did when the site was launched. Krzysztof, I would like to ask for some comment on my statement. Thank you.

    1. Hi Robert. In the comparison table at the very bottom click on "Compare more features", it will expand the list with the other options. If you are happy with Yoast, I see no need to switch. Yoast, is also a very good script. I switched to RankMath because I like to experiment and test interesting tools in real life. Switching from Yoast to RankMath didn't break anything for me, but I can't guarantee that nothing similar will happen for you. In theory, if you control your SEO optimization well nothing bad should happen, and it can improve if you use structured data. Remember that such actions are always an experiment, and as you know experiments have different consequences, you may gain, you may lose or you may not feel the changes.

  4. Does Rank Math have a Polish language version?

  5. Sebastian says:

    I see Rank Math is knocking out YoastSEO, interesting.

    1. Krzysztof Wojteczko says:

      It is too early to draw conclusions, but it looks like this scenario is very likely

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