Until recently, remote work was something exotic for many of us, but due to the pandemic it has become more popular and more appreciated, both by employers and employees. It is also a great way to gain experience in a new profession or earn extra money. Why exactly is it worth trying your hand at remote work? Who will be successful in it and where is the best place to look for ads?

  1. Biggest advantages of remote working
  2. Who is remote working for?
  3. Where is it worth looking for remote work?

Biggest advantages of remote working

Remote work has many advantages which we can only dream about in a regular job performed in an office or other place. First of all, it gives us a lot of freedom and often also the freedom of hours to perform the tasks commissioned by the boss - this second point is especially true when we work remotely with foreign companies and we have different time zones.

Remote working It can also be a great additional occupation, where you can earn extra money without having to travel to another location and waste time commuting. This mode of work is also suitable for people who have mobility problems on a daily basis or prefer to live in a different country from the company for which they provide their services.

Who is remote working for?

Despite many advantages, it is worth being aware that remote work is not for everyone. First of all, it will not work if you do not have a minimum of self-discipline and are not able to organise your time. Working from home we have the feeling that no one is watching over us, which for some may give a false sense of being able to postpone further tasks. Such actions unfortunately lead to missing deadlines or simply having to work through the night to catch up, which is a very unhealthy practice.

On the other hand, remote work is ideal for disciplined people who can "take care of themselves" and complete tasks without the need for support from others. Many so-called freelance jobs can be successfully carried out from home, although they are not the only ones with this privilege.

Where is it worth looking for remote work?

We can look for a remote job in the same way as for a traditional one - on job portals. If you're a graphic designer or copywriter it's also worth keeping up to date with thematic groups in social media: there you can also find various job advertisements, including remote jobs.


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