Google has over the years created an extensive ecosystem for website owners. Thanks to the tools we use, most of which are free of charge, we can perfectly analyse everything that happens on our sites.

We can easily integrate a website running on WordPress with Google Analytics statistics system, tag manager, Google Optimize, Search Console and other services. This can be done by implementing the appropriate code "from your finger" or using plugins available in the WP repository.

But to integrate your site with multiple Google services using plugins, you need to install more than just one. It's not the happiest solution because each new plug-in is another object affecting performance and another potentially dangerous gateway for intruders. If you don't have what you like, you like what you have, but are you sure?

Google tools for WordPress

The solution to the above described problem of having to install many different extensions from different sources is the emerging add-on "Site Kit by Google". As the name already suggests, this is a plug-in developed by none other than Google.

At the moment, the extension is available as a beta version, but it can already be downloaded from the project website at: 

One plugin many integrations

This is the most important functionality of this extension. With one tool, you are able to link your site to such Google services as:

Google tools for WordPress

This set-up provides a powerful dose of data to analyse for marketing efforts and those related to better optimising the site.

We can access basic analytics data directly from the WordPress dashboard, which is extremely convenient when we want to quickly check basic metrics such as popularity of individual blog articles etc.

Statistical data in the WordPress backend

Simplicity of integration

Beginners will probably be pleased with this addition, because integration with many Google services causes quite a few problems for such people at the beginning. Meanwhile, the extension we are discussing simplifies this process to the minimum possible.

A few clicks during the initial configuration of the plugin and we have a website added and verified in Search Console. An extremely important tool that allows you to analyse what is happening in the Google search engine and how your website is indexed in it. You will check if robots encounter problems and finally for which phrases in the search results your website and its content are visible.

Google Search Console is the basic service with which the plug-in integrates your website already during the initial configuration. Other services, such as Google Analytics, Tag Manager and others, are entirely up to you. You decide which additional services you want to link your website to, and you can do so quickly and easily.

Is it worth it

If you use the Google services mentioned above, and you use several independent extensions for integration, then this plugin is definitely worth looking into. With it, you can get rid of several other plugins, which will certainly have a positive impact on the performance and security of your site.

If you don't use Google services but want to do so but are intimidated by the process involved in integration - this plugin will also be able to solve that problem.

However, the question remains whether to install this plugin now and on a production site? At the moment the extension is available in (beta) version. This means that some mechanisms may not work properly and the plug-in may have some bugs on board. While testing it I came across a few of them, although I admit, not very important, which I could easily get over.

So it seems that it is already refined enough to be implemented on production sites, but if you have concerns wait for the final production version. If you install this add-on please share your thoughts in the comments.


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  1. I tested it on my production site. The installation went through without a hitch and I was able to connect my website to Google Search Console right away, which I've been planning for two months now. Thanks Krzysiek!

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