The WordPress system is a great and at the same time the most popular tool in the world for creating and managing websites. Already more than 34% sites on the internet run on WordPress. In the initial phase of its development (Explore the history of WordPress) its functionality was limited only to blogs. Today, using it, we can create fully professional and practically freely developed websites, online shops and whatever comes to our mind. The only limitation is only our imagination. The system creators focused on free use and simplicity in practically every aspect (both for users and developers writing plugins extending the base functionality).

If you are new to web development, want to start your blog (see How to start a blog), or you need to build your own company website or shop in a relatively short period of time (see How to set up an online shop) without incurring high costs, this is the perfect tool for you. On the Internet, starting from the official website of the WordPress foundation ( there are thousands of themes and extensions (e.g. galleries, contact forms, sliders, social plug-ins, etc...) that you can customise for your own website profile, without knowing any programming language. Most of the add-ons are completely free, you can download and use them without restrictions. WordPress is an open source software under GNU GPL license, which means in practice that you can copy it, freely edit, distribute and improve it.

Installation along with CMS management is very intuitive, requiring no specialist knowledge. The only thing you need to pay attention to when installing the system is choosing a hosting company that offers a database and PHP language support (it is good if it is at least version 7.2 at the moment), but nowadays this is already a standard. Check . WordPress hosting. The process of installing a graphic template and plug-ins itself is only a few mouse clicks away, thanks to which you can transform your website into a complex information portal, a social networking service, an online shop or a modern business card.

WordPress course

WordPress course

If you are interested in WordPress and want to create your own website or shop, I invite you to the online course. A large and very specific dose of practical knowledge is at your fingertips.

For more complex projects, paid add-ons are ideal, using which you are usually assured that they will be developed by the manufacturers to security standards and function correctly with current versions of the core system. This is a very important issue because WordPress, due to its high popularity, is a greedy morsel for malware circulating on the Internet and juvenile hackers. Please don't be intimidated by this though, when used properly it is a very secure application.

Here are some important tips that will greatly improve quality in this area.

  1. Keep your system core up to date. You can perform such an operation in the WordPress Administration Panel (Cockpit) with two mouse clicks. Remember to make a backup copy of your site (both all files and the database) before each update.
  2. Keep your plug-ins up to dateOnly use the plugins you need most, and delete the ones you don't use. Every plug-in you install is an additional gateway for hackers, which also puts a strain on your server.
  3. Take care to update the graphic templateRemove all unused themes and leave only the active one. A very important issue is also the choice of template. From my side I suggest using paid options, which have many advantages. First of all, such templates are characterized by very high quality and functionality. Secondly, producers are constantly developing them, which to a large extent eliminates problems with incompatibility with the latest versions of the engine. Thirdly, you can be sure that in contrast to free solutions, you won't encounter an unpleasant surprise in the form of malicious software, which happens to be hidden in the code of public versions. Paid templates cost approx. 200 PLN per piece (for a professional business card). As you can see it is not a prohibitive amount, which is definitely lower than a possible later intervention of a programmer.

If you take the above 3 tips seriously your website will be properly secured.

WordPress is perfectly optimised for Google search. Also, if you intend to SEO your site in the future, using WordPress is a very good choice.

Useful plugins:

  • Elementor - an amazing page builder, transforming your WordPress site into a powerful tool for convenient content and design management,
  • Elementor PRO - is an extension to the free version of Elementor for all those who expect much more from their website. Elementor PRO allows you to be completely independent from the theme you are working with.
  • YoastSEO - helps you optimise your site's metatags for search engines. An extremely popular plugin, but I recommend you also check out Rank Math. More information can be found at SEO WordPress.
  • MonsterInsights - a plug-in that allows you to integrate your website with Google Analytics statistics,
  • and many others, about which you can find information in the resources of this service

Launching a website based on WordPress is a pleasure, and the system itself distances all website builders and other solutions both in terms of convenience and possibilities. WordPress is used by brands such as Disney, BBC, New York Times, Sony, MTV or even Facebook and many others that you know very well. If you want to see what the process of creating a website looks like, take a look at these texts which also include video presentations and get going:

Take a look at these resources and evaluate for yourself the potential of this tool in the context of your project. WordPress gives you an incredible range of possibilities in every respect. More than 50,000 extensions free WordPress repository, tens of thousands of premium extensions, thousands of themes, many of them extremely flexible, allowing you to intervene in every little detail without touching the code. You just need to know how to use a mouse and you are able to create your dream website in a short time. The effects of your work may pleasantly surprise you 🙂 .


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  1. Definitely worth it. Previously, I had a website on Joomla and after switching to WordPress I can see a completely different quality. Not only it is easier to manage the texts on the site, but I have a lot more extensions and it is free. I recommend it with a clear conscience.

  2. I confirm. WordPress is a great solution for laymen. With its help I have launched a website which at first I thought was impossible to achieve. I recommend it to everyone.

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