logo creatorIt is one of many methods of creating your own website, but there are a few characteristics that distinguish it from the majority, which often determine the choice, especially in the case of people who have never dealt with creating websites before and entering into the operation and configuration of any CMS is, as for the beginning, far too high requirements.

Let's start with what otoKreator is, who it can be used for and what kind of website can be launched with it.

otoKreator - what is it?

It's website creator which allows to create a website in an intuitive way. Working in otoKreator is based mainly on the method drag & drop This means "drag and drop". This means that we build a website a little bit like a house made of bricks, where we decide on its appearance, the arrangement and number of windows, doors and its interior and exterior. We do not need any skills or specialist knowledge of a builder to do this, yet we are able to build such a house - in our case a website - using ready-made and customisable components.

Sticking to our house example, the way we build a house is that we take a window and put it where we want it, we take a door and put it where we want it. We then look at what we've done and if we decide it doesn't look right we can quickly make changes, e.g. change the size of the windows and doors, swap them around or choose a completely new location for them. If we don't like the colour, we change it to one that suits our preferences. Do we want the doors to open inwards instead of outwards? No problem, we change the door configuration and it opens the way we want it to...

This is exactly how a website is built in otoKreator. You do not have to be an expert as you only need to know where you want to place the elements, e.g. header, menu, content, picture, gallery, footer, etc... Click on a given element, drop it on the page in a chosen place and you are done.

That's why it's so easy because, unlike WordPress which I've discussed elsewhere, working with a website is done in full visual mode. We can see exactly how the site looks and we just put the pieces of the puzzle on it, edit the content, insert images, videos etc... Sounds a bit unbelievable perhaps, but in fact this is exactly how working with a site looks like.

I hope I have explained clearly enough what this tool is all about. The only thing worth mentioning is that otoKreator also provides hosting for the website to be created in it. Thus we have everything we need to publish the website on the Internet after its creation.

I must admit that at first I was quite sceptical about this solution - about page builders in general - but I am quite curious by nature so I decided to play with it and after some time of using otoKreator I became addicted to the comfort of editing a page with its help 🙂 .

For whom?

It is designed for everyone who wants to set up their own website quickly, at minimum cost and without any knowledge of web development. Webmasters and advertising agencies may also use otoKreator to create functional and visually attractive websites for their clients. The customer will be satisfied as he will quickly receive a website that can be managed by himself. The webmaster will be satisfied as he has managed to provide his customer with what he expected and can enrich the range of his services by building websites, even if he has never done it before.

What kind of page can be built in otoKreator?

Interestingly, although it is a page builder and not a complex environment that we could encapsulate with our own solutions, the range of pages that can be built using it is very wide. Examples of use:

  • landing page for a brand, service, product ...
  • company website of any branch with or without blog or news
  • company website enriched with an online shop module
  • a typical ecommerce website - an online shop for the sale of physical or electronic products
  • personal website
  • blog
  • a website for a photographer or a photo studio - easy to build photo galleries
  • other ...

If we want to create e.g. a hotel booking system, there are some limitations and it is rather impossible to implement an external booking system on the website, which is however possible. Generally, there are no problems with creating most of the typical website types in otoKreator and there should be no problems with integrating the created website with external solutions.

What I like about otoKreator

The simplicity of creating and editing the site has already been mentioned so I won't repeat it, but it is the element I personally like the most. There are also other features I paid attention to, such as

  • the speed of the website - published page works very fast, and it is because of the published static .html files (except for situations when we use PHP syntax on a given subpage, but this is a subject for more advanced users and practically this option is not used on standard pages). Pages work much faster than on standard CMS like WordPress even if we use caching mechanisms on those. We also have Varnish Cache to help, which gives the site a nice kick.
  • security - If the website is a static html file, then the opportunities for hackers are practically zero. If we take care about the security of access passwords, we will protect our computers with good antivirus programs, which can also steal passwords and send them to the world, there is practically no chance of hacking the website.
  • multiple modules - As I have already mentioned, otoKreator allows to build a website like a house made of blocks. The building blocks are objects such as contents, images, multimedia etc... otoKreator has many "building blocks" of various purposes and functions. These include:
    • photo gallery,
    • image slider,
    • form generator,
    • a blog that can be used as a news system, an article database (e.g. FAQ...) etc..,
    • ECWID online shop,
    • comment system,
    • integration with social media,
    • Google maps,
    • Possibility of embedding your own JavaScript, PHP scripts in a selected place,
    • a tree-based menu structure,
    • hidden pages,
    • and others...
  • easy to edit the appearance - Not only do we have the possibility to change the position of particular objects, but we also have an influence on the way they are presented. We can freely operate on the colour palette of the graphic design of the page, its fonts and their sizes, and we also have an influence on the general scheme, e.g. a page without side columns, with one or two columns of the width of our choice... We can literally click the appearance of the entire page, ultimately achieving the effect that suits us best. This is a great feature and in the hands of a person with artistic sense it becomes a powerful tool.

What I don't like

As with any solution, there are elements here that will not suit everyone. I personally miss the ability to add your own modules. Of course, the ones that are there work and in most cases meet the needs of web developers, but sometimes some functionality would be useful, which is not available in the standard. Admittedly, many such additional features can be added using the option of embedding your own code, but that's fun for the more initiated, not for beginner webmasters. For me it's a disadvantage, but not particularly troublesome. Everything depends on the project we want to implement. If we do not have high requirements, otoKreator will certainly do its job well and we will enjoy our own well functioning website.

Soon there will be next steps discussing, similarly to WordPress, how to create your own page in otoKreator. As usual, I will guide you by the hand 🙂 - I'm sure you will find it useful.