Let's first consider where and how to run the server space with the domain, i.e. the address of your website. If you have read previous stepThen you already know that these are the elements without which you will not get off the ground.

Company website or online shop

You have a business or you are just at the beginning of your business and you are faced with the task of launching a website - maybe a shop. You know you have to have it because the Internet is a great place to get clients, but you don't know yet what to do and how to make it work so that your potential clients start calling you, writing to you and leaving their money.

It is usually the case that we are left alone with our problems. Unfortunately. And we use sites like my blog to deal with them somehow. However, if you know where to look you can make your life much easier. And so we come to the point, namely the server space for the company website.

What you should or should pay attention to when choosing a server for your site are three aspects of these services: Support, Quality, Security.

  • Support is extremely important, especially if you are just starting out, as it will help you move forward faster and the results of your work will be much more tangible and profitable.
  • Quality - I do not need to explain this. We all want the services we use and pay for to be decent.
  • Security - This, in turn, is an important element not only in the context of company websites (not to mention online shops). You protect yourself, your business, your customers and other Internet users.

My type for you, which fits best with what I wrote about above, gives you first of all a great hosting account, but note.... also Support and assistance with the creation of a website. Plus, you can register for free domain, and with higher hosting packages you get a free SSL certificate and all the rest of the more or less useful trinkets. Here you have everything in one pot, in which it will be much easier to cook something that will satisfy not only you, but also your customers.

How does it work?

After ordering a hosting service You get 1 hour of specialist support. You can use the support at any time. But what I can say is that it's worth it, because the support you get is real help with getting your website up and running on WordPress. Help with installation, configuration or if you can handle it - you will also receive educational material - Help with optimisation, error elimination or expansion. You get support exactly where you need it. It's not the kind of help you send an e-mail and wait for someone to give you a perfunctory answer in two sentences, from which you can understand maybe 10%, because you're not in this up to your neck. You have probably encountered something similar more than once.

This is an online session where you work together with a specialist directly on your site - focusing on your goal. And then there are the costs. From 100 PLN net per year, although in the first year you can take advantage of 50% discount for new customers, so you have the service from 50 PLN net (depends on the selected package).
Is that a lot? A simple calculation. The cost of an hour of work of a specialist is usually from 200 PLN net, and this is the poorest, and here in the price from 50 PLN you have not only a great hosting in the cloud with free registration of .pl domain, but also an hour of real support.

How do you get such a hosting account with support to work?

The set-up procedure is described under the button below. Click to go to step-by-step instructions.

What is important is the final effect, i.e. your website, and whether it works here or there, on this or that server, is of less importance. When building a website learn, learn and learn again. Peep at others and try to do what they do, but better 🙂

Today's technologies and tools are not the same as 20 years ago, when I started my adventure with websites. Back then, you could only dream about building a website on your own without any knowledge of coding. Today it is possible, therefore anyone, even a person without experience is able to create something that will be not only aesthetic, but also functional and effective. It will not happen overnight, but your persistence and perseverance will bear fruit.