This procedure remained on JZS only out of sentiment. The data published below is an archive from the years 2010-2013. Is now you want to launch your site based on the wizard look at the page Website Builder or invite you to WordPress course.

To launch the page in otoKreator We need access to this tool. To publish what we build in it, we need space on the server. To later view what you have published, you need a website address, i.e. a domain.

Fortunately otoKreator is a comprehensive productIt includes a tool for creating a website, as well as space on a server for its files and e-mail if you want to use it. You have everything you need and you do not have to worry about the website and hosting for it separately. As for the domain, it can be attached to the website (if you already have one), you can also buy it or use a free subdomain.

Let's get down to specifics. To order the service, you have to go to the platform website and make a purchase. On the main page, choose otoKreator of websites.

The standard cost of an otoKreator account is 200 PLN net / year. As part of the service you will receive:

  • possibility to build and maintain your own website in otoKreator (1 site and any number of its pages/subpages)
  • hosting account with parameters:
    • 500 MB of space,
    • 5 GB transfer per month,
    • 3 email accounts,
    • possibility to attach your own domain,
    • FTP access,
    • cPanel,
    • VarnishCache,
    • CloudFlare

Step-by-step activation procedure

1. On the home page, find the OtoKreator section and click on the details.


On the description page, click on the button Order otoKreator, which will take you to the service order form, where in the first step you decide on the choice of domain.


You have several options to choose from here. You can order a new domain registration, transfer an already owned by you domain from another registrar (transfer), you can use the domain you own by changing its dns at your current registrar or you can use a free subdomain. If you don't already have your own domain I suggest registering a new one, it's better than using a free subdomain, the choice is entirely yours.


(2) After selecting the domain, we move to the next step of activation, where you will see a preview of the data related to the order. You have to fill in the data of the service owner. If you register otoKreator as a company, enter its data (you will, of course, receive an invoice for VAT deduction), and if you register as a private person, enter your personal data. At the end, you accept the Terms and Conditions of hosting services and click on the "Process your order“.

That's all. Now you can go to your freshly created Customer Area and pay the generated invoice. Attention: otoKreator will be activated after the payment has been credited! If you wish to activate the service quickly, you can choose one of the electronic payment channels such as DotPay or PayPal. In such a situation, the service is activated usually within a few minutes after making the payment. You will then receive an email with all the access data and information you need to start playing.

Please note that otoKreator is activated after the payment has been made (booked), not before. There is no such thing as a free trial period.