First of all we need to install WordPress, and to do that you need server space, i.e. hosting as I mentioned on the page "What is needed to launch the website

Private and business applications

For this type of application, let's use, for example, the LH offer. Why them? For several reasons. Several years on the market, a very good ratio of service quality to its price (from 100 zł per year depending on the package - the first year cheaper). In a situation when you want to use hosting, on which the autoinstaller is available, you can use the recommended Didwear offer. A description of the procedure associated with this service provider and a special hosting package for "Jak Zrobić Strona" readers can be found here: procedure for starting the site using the auto-installer.

Creating a hosting account

If you don't have a company, or a proposal Didwear If this does not appeal to you, use any other operator. In the case of LH, mentioned above, we go to and choose the smallest account from their offer. As I write this the cheapest service is an account called ORANGE The price is 50 PLN net for the first year of use. This is a decent price. After a year, if it turns out that the project was successful, we will have to pay the full rate, i.e. 100 PLN net. For example, in many other companies we will pay 3 times as much. Of course, if after a year of use or even earlier (at any time) we find that something does not suit us, we can easily transfer the site to another company.

By clicking on the selected account (as I mentioned, I suggest ORANGE) click on the ORDER button to add the service to your basket.

choice of hosting account

When we go to its preview, we will be offered additional services under the summary, for example: 4 domains for 0 zł per year or SSL certificate. If we want to have everything in one place and we are already sure that we will buy the hosting here, we can order a domain (our website address) right away, but frankly speaking, as far as LH is concerned, domains are not very attractively priced. It is about renewals in the following years. If we want to save on a domain, let's choose for example registration in, which I mentioned in one of the articles: Cheap domains. As for the certificate, at this stage we can give it up, but when the website will be launched in production I strongly recommend to have it: HTTP instead of HTTPS. This will have a positive impact on security as well as on subsequent ranking in Google.
In our example, we are not registering a domain or adding an SSL certificate. So, being in the shopping cart, we click on the 'MAKE ORDER' button.

placing an order

On the next page you will be asked to log in or create a user account. Fill in the form with your details and proceed by clicking on the 'CREATE ACCOUNT' button. You will be asked for more detailed information. Complete the form and proceed. Please make sure that your telephone number is correct as you will receive a code to activate your hosting account.

In the order summary you check if all the data is correct and if you wish you can enter in the field 'Referral account': jzs

With instructions

You don't have to do this, of course, but if you do it is a nice way of saying thank you for the guide you are reading.

Don't forget to indicate your agreement to the processing of your personal data and click on the NEXT button. You will receive information about your order and an SMS will be sent to your phone number with instructions on how to activate your hosting account. You do not have to pay anything at this stage! We operate on a test account. Go to the address given in the sms and enter the code you received. As a result, after a few moments you will receive to your email address confirmation of activation and access data to your server. It looks more or less like this:

account details

In the example above I've highlighted a test domain (www address), the name of yours will certainly be slightly different, but it's the one we'll be using when installing WordPress and working with the site.

Your account will be active for 7 days so you will be able to launch the website and decide what to do next.

You already have a server and an address where we will continue to operate! The first milestone is behind you! In the next one we will install WordPress.