By default I'll show you the procedure for running your site on o12 because of the faster and slightly easier WordPress installation process, but I also encourage you to check out the alternative in the form of the equally good LH hosting. I present on their example full manual installation procedure. Choose ultimately what you think is better for you.

We start with the server on o12. We go to the website and click on the HOSTING section. Here we have the possibility to test/purchase hosting (i.e. space on the server for our website) with the registration of the national domain .pl or other.

Hosting and domain are two basic and essential elements for a website to appear on the web. Let's get down to specifics.

In the case of o12 you have three hosting plans available, other companies may have more or less. If you are just starting out, the smallest ATRIA account will suffice.

Registering a new domain name

In the first step, you can decide whether you want to register a new domain e.g. use the free subdomain

Enter the domain name and check its availability. If it is free, you can proceed to the next step.


In the next step you will be able to choose the subscription period for the hosting account you are ordering. Click on the button TO CASH.


Next, we fill in the registration data, i.e. the data of the owner of the ordered service. Read and accept the terms of service, which is required, then click on the "Process your order“.


Congratulations! The hosting has been set up. You will receive a package of e-mails to the e-mail address you provided, which will contain access data to the server. You can immediately start using it and start creating your website. If you decide to purchase the service and while placing the order you chose to register the domain, then it will be registered after the payment has been recorded and within a few hours it will be visible on the web. However, you can start your adventure with a temporary/test domain which will be automatically created. There is no hurry. It is better to check everything and make sure that it suits you, and only then you can buy. Ordering an account is non-committal and for 14 days we can calmly check everything and learn how to create a website 🙂 No matter what decision you take, you can already move on to the next step.