Once we have access to otoKreator, the first step we need to take is to launch the project of our future website. This will be the base for further activities. We look into the email with access data to the service and log into cPanel. Next, we look for the icon signed "otoKreator", which will look more or less like this:


Click on it and in the next step you can immediately start building your website. For this purpose, next to the domain for which you want to publish the page, click on the button "Create“.


As a result, the otoKreator interface will be launched immediately, where we will be asked to initiate the website design. First of all we have to define the theme of the website we want to build. The choice of the theme is not particularly important, rather it is to select certain elements that may better match the chosen theme, e.g. the photo library etc.


After selecting the subject, otoKreator will ask us to provide basic data such as the name of the website or contact details, which can then be automatically added using special shortcuts. All these data can be edited at any time in the future so there is no need to worry about filling in this form at the beginning.


We save the changes and wait for a while. In the meantime otoKreator randomly generates base templates, e.g. based on the topic defined earlier. They should not be treated as ready designs of the website but as a starting point for further fun. Several different proposals are generated so that we can choose the base that suits us best for further work.


This is basically the end of this stage. From this moment the process of building a website begins, which, as you will see in the next steps, is as simple as activating the basic design. It doesn't really matter whether we start with polishing the appearance or introducing content. I prefer to focus on the appearance first, if only because later you can better arrange the visual content, so that's what we will follow.

In the next step I will describe how to work with the graphic template.