Once we have the basic configuration of the website and theme behind us, we can start building the structure of our website. Let's assume in our example that the page we want to create will consist of the following subpages: Home, About, Offer, Contact.

The first step we will take is to create a homepage. To do this, we go to the section Pages > Add new page and fill in the form to create a new page.

In the title field you can enter e.g. Home, or Homepage, and in the content field the text you want to display.


new page


Click on the 'Publish' button on the right-hand side of the window and then go to Settings > Reading,


Home page selection


where we check the option "Home page display" > "static page" and from the drop-down list we select the Home page, Home Page, etc... (depending on what title we gave it). In the example below, it's a page called Home.


site selection


We save the changes and can launch the homepage of the site to see how it looks. The effect looks more or less like this:




We have three main areas.

1. space for main content
2. space for comments
3. space for side section elements

Suppose we only want space for the main content on the home page, and we don't need either the comments or the side section.

To do this, simply go to edit the page. On the top toolbar, simply select the "Edit page“.




Next, we scroll down to the very bottom of the editing section, where we find additional configuration options related to the layout of this particular sub-page of the website. In the section "Sidebar OptionThe "layout" you choose is the one you are interested in. If you do not want a side column, choose the last option and if you prefer any of the other layouts, choose the one that suits you. You can experiment.




Click on the update button




and check what effect we have achieved. As you can see in the screenshot below, we no longer have a side column. The only thing left is to eliminate the comments.


preview 3


You can delete comments from a subpage in two ways. When editing a page, go to the "Screen options" located in the upper right corner and check the option "Discussion", which will bring up an option at the bottom of the page settings to enable or disable comments.





Another way is to go to the list of all pages, i.e. to the section "Pages" from the left menu as in the image below.


rapid editing


Click on the link next to the page "Quick edit" - links appear automatically when you hover the mouse cursor over an area. Then uncheck the "Allow comments" and save the changes by clicking on the "Update". The subject is settled.




We go to the page preview and here is the result.


preview 4


We only have the main menu, a place for the content and the footer of the page, which is exactly what we wanted in this particular example. It is worth experimenting with different layouts, to have an idea of what each option is used for and what effect we can achieve by using one or another layout on the page. This type of knowledge will be useful in the future to expand the site.

In the same way, we create other pages such as About, Offer, Contact or any other. With such a simple construction of the page as in our example, in principle, we do not need to take any additional action, because the created pages will automatically jump to the main menu and the effect that we achieve will be fully satisfactory.


preview 5


The order of the sections in the page menu can be modified by launching a quick edit similar to disabling comments (see above) and entering the appropriate number in the order.




In this simple way we have created an uncomplicated, functional structure of our website with several sections. In the next step we will look at the possibilities of managing and organising content on individual subpages, and these are impressive. We can do practically anything we want.

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In the next step we will play with the content layout builder.

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