Swipe Pages is an extremely interesting tool, but let me start with a few words of introduction. Creating landing pages is one of the most important elements of many online marketing campaigns. Such a page is usually created to direct traffic to it from Google Ads, Facebook Ads and the like. If you've ever delved into campaign strategies or taken courses on them, you've probably noticed that a landing page virtually always appears.

What you can use to make a landing page

The possibilities are many, and a lot depends on what experience you already have and how effectively you are able to use LP and what ideas you have going through your mind as a marketer 🙂

Landing page in Elementor

It is one of the most economical ways. If you know Elementoraand for that you use Elementora PRO version or other add-ons that extend the functionality of this builder, you have quite a range of options for creating landing pages using WordPress.

Many people use this path. I also use it a lot and I very much appreciate the opportunities it gives me in this field.

But what can I not do? There are no mechanisms, for example, which would allow to create A/B tests, which are very important for most campaigns. Yes, you can add other plug-ins, such as IF>SOBut there are no particularly powerful features or even analytical data here. Besides, it's another plugin, and as you know I encourage minimalism 🙂 .

Email marketing tools

Landing pages are now hosted on more and more good email marketing automation systems: MailerLite, GetResponse, MailChimp...

The advantages of such solutions are several. We usually have A/B testing with decent analytics on board and sometimes the ability to build sales funnels. If we use landing pages largely for building email lists we then have everything in one place making it a less unreliable solution.

Specialised tools for landing pages

There are many applications on the market that are designed with landing pages in mind. This is the area in which they specialise, which makes them attractive because they often offer functionality that you won't find elsewhere. Some examples of such tools that I personally like are:

  • Landing - Polish product with a very good reputation
  • Leadpages - with cool sales opportunities on landing pages
  • Instapage - easy-to-use tool for creating landing pages

Recently, the above three have been joined by another tool called Swipe Pages.

Swipe Pages

A young project. As I write this text, it is not yet a year old, but it is being developed quite aggressively. In 9 months, the authors have managed to create a tool that can confidently compete with applications that have been on the market for many years. This bodes well for the future, provided that they do not cease their assault.

What makes Swipe Pages different

There is one characteristic feature that most competing products either do not have or have, but you have to pay a lot for it. What is it?

Landing page in AMP technology

That's right. Swipe Pages, even in the smallest subscription, gives you the possibility to create not only a standard page, but also a page using AMP technology, which means that on mobile devices such a page will work lightning fast. As you know, the loading speed of landing pages affects the level of conversions. So it is an important element that should not be ignored.

When adding a landing page, we can immediately decide whether it should be a standard page or an AMP page. However, we don't have to choose an AMP page right away because Swipe Pages is able to convert a standard page to its AMP version. We can do this at any time.

Swipe Pages and two different types of landing pages

Landing page speed

Even if we do not use AMP, standard pages are well optimised for their quality and speed. The whole thing runs on a CDN and the files including graphics are well optimised. An example of the results of a simple landing page in GTMetrix:

Landing page quality score on GTMetrix

Ready-made templates

In terms of quantity this is certainly not something that makes Swipe Pages stand out, but in terms of quality the templates are very decent. This is sometimes lacking in the case of analogous older tools on the market.

Example of a landing page template in Swipe Pages

Let's also remember that the project is only a few months old, so it will take some time to build up a sizeable base of ready-made templates. Time will come for that.

Convenient builder

I will say more. It is very convenient and, what is more, it has an impressive number of configuration options allowing you to refine the project you are working with down to the last pixel.

This is what the page builder in Swipe Pages looks like

Using dozens of widgets, you can change / arrange the site in virtually any way you like.

Available builder widgets

What else Swipe Pages can do

Much more than what I mentioned above. Some further examples:

A/B testing

Of course, as befits a decent landing page publishing tool, the creation of A/B tests cannot be lacking. We will add further variants of the page in no time. All it takes is a few clicks.

After running the experiment, we have at our disposal clear statistics on the basis of which we determine the winner and our campaign generates more conversions, because that's what it's all about in the end.

A/B testing analysis of landing pages


There are not many yet, but more are arriving all the time. At the moment, the set looks as follows:

Direct integrations

These are direct integrations. However, we also have the option to integrate via services such as Zapier or Integromat, and we can upload data using Webhooks. I am particularly excited about the latter functionality as I often use the plugin on my sites Uncanny Automatorand it readily accepts the data thus provided 🙂

Own domains

Landing pages can operate under our subdomains. For example, the shop operates under the address myjsklep.pland the landing pages at lp.mojsklep.pl/loading-page.

Landing page payments

Integration with Stripe is currently available, but PayPal and other payment gateways are also planned. This will allow payments to be accepted directly from the landing page thus shortening the order path to a minimum. Another element that can increase conversion rates in some industries.

What about the future?

If we take a look at the roadmap for this tool we will find further direct integrations waiting to be implemented, including integration with WordPress. What I am personally most interested in are sales funnels, but fortunately these are also on this list. The whole thing promises to be quite good.

How much does Swipe Pages cost

The price is attractive compared to other similar tools, and starts at $19 per month for annual billing or $29 for monthly billing.

Price list Swipe Pages

I would like to stress that even the cheapest plan offers A/B tests. For example, our Landing pages have such option in Automate plan, which cost in monthly settlement is 399 PLN net. The difference in price is quite significant (about 100 PLN to 400 net), and frankly speaking I personally wouldn't invest in a solution for building landing pages without the option to create experiments. For me and many marketers, this is a must-have functionality for such applications.

If you have time you can take advantage of the lifetime offer on AppSumo, where for a $49 one-time payment you get access to this tool for as long as it is on the market. Keep an eye on the cost and how much you can really save. That's a pretty penny you'll have left in your pocket. Wouldn't it be better to invest that money in campaigns that will drive traffic to your landing page? Think about it and check below to see if the offer on AppSumo is still available.


Is Swipe Pages, the number 1 tool for landing pages? That's a slight exaggeration of course, but undoubtedly if they don't slow down they have a great chance to shake up the market and really become number 1. What they've done so far is a piece of work and I think anyone who works with landing pages and has touched various tools will agree with me.


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