You already have your own company and have even managed to website. You wait and wait and nothing. Why? Because this is definitely not enough. You need to act not only in the area of internet marketing, but you should not forget about traditional forms of advertising, which are still very effective especially if you operate in the local market. So take care of your business cards, flyers, a sign in front of your premises and advertising clothing.

Company T-shirts

Seemingly a trivial topic, but if you think about it, it turns out to be the cheapest and very effective form of advertising your business. Why? The cost of creating company T-shirts It's small, and everywhere you go, people who pass by will casually glance at what's on your T-shirt. Imagine that you are walking down a crowded street, and on your back you have the address of your website and brief information about what you do. You are followed by people who have quite a lot of time to read what is written on your back. Among them are those who are looking for what you offer. I'm sure you've seen a car with an advertisement in front of you more than once. It works exactly the same way, only it has a greater range and does not pose a threat to traffic if you want to note down the address 🙂 If you upload a QRcode, who knows if someone intrigued will take a photo of you and then check where exactly the code leads - to your website of course. You can even go crazy and encourage people to take a photo with a slogan on a T-shirt and prepare a landing page especially for this code, where you greet the visitor with a surprising text "Thank you for taking a photo of my T-shirt - I have a special discount especially for you....". You can really have fun with this, it's just a matter of creativity, and the effects can be surprising.

company shirts
t-shirt creator

T-shirts for your company and various printing techniques

Why am I writing about all this? Firstly, it is an additional form of advertising that has been working for years. Secondly, I have recently been implementing an interesting tool (t-shirt creator) which I will write about in a moment.

Company T-shirts can be done in many ways. You are probably not unfamiliar with screen printing. This is one of the oldest methods of printing, not only on clothing, and it is still very popular due to the durability of prints and the cost of making them. If you order a few hundred or a few thousand pieces it is practically the only technology which will not ruin your wallet. Unfortunately, in case of smaller editions, e.g. 20 or 100, it very often turns out to be unprofitable, especially if the print consists of a few colours. For each colour a matrix has to be exposed and each such operation is an additional cost that makes small editions financially unattractive. Some printing houses don't even bother with editions of less than 200 pieces.

So what to choose if you want to print one, several or dozens of company T-shirts with your own logo and the aforementioned trick on the back? Fortunately, there are other technologies of applying prints on clothes. One of the newest and increasingly popular is digital technology, abbreviated as DTG. It is based on the fact that there is no need to prepare any matrixes, all you need is a graphic file from which you can directly apply the print on company T-shirt or any other, e.g. as a birthday present. This technology has many other advantages. You are not limited by the number of colours as in the case of screen printing, and the prints can even have tonal transitions, which allows you to print photos as well.

DTG technology, as opposed to screen printing, works well for small runs of even one piece, but in the case of 300 or 3,000 company T-shirts the unit costs will be quite high and with such quantities this technology is not able to compete with screen printing in terms of price, at least not yet.

What else? For example, thermal transfer printing using special foils. This technology is cheap, but only simple graphics can be applied, e.g. one-colour lettering or simple logos, preferably in one colour.

Which printing technique to choose?

Answer the question of how many shirts you want to order. If it's a small print run, go for DTG or Flex. If you need several hundred and more T-shirts (e.g. to give them away at various events), then go with screen printing.

How do I make a t-shirt with my company name printed on it?

If you can design, the topic is obvious. You will sit down at a graphics program such as Adobe Illustrator and prepare the design. Stairs begin when you do not know how to use such tools, because in this situation you can only outsource it to someone such as advertising agency, which usually will charge extra money for the project. However, even if you do not know graphic programmes, you do not have to spend money on a project, because with help comes T-Shirt Designer. It's a tool I've been working on recently that can make life incredibly easy and order t-shirts in small quantities of even 1!

I could describe step by step how to create a t-shirt using the t-shirt creator but as we all know one picture replaces 1000 words and one video replaces 10000 words. So I prepared a short video in which I created the T-shirt you see above. All you need to create it is a logo. It can be in .PNG format with a separated background or you can export the logo to .SVG format which will allow it to be scaled losslessly. You don't need anything else. Take a look.

Simple right? All in all, it took me about 2 minutes and I have a t-shirt exactly what I want. I'm going to order it and parade it around the pedestrian zone in Lublin 🙂 .

T-shirt creator and more

What I have presented here are actions specifically aimed at advertising your business, but of course t-shirt creator It is also used to create things not necessarily related to your company. With the support of the T-shirt creator you can create a cool gift for yourself and your loved ones e.g. for birthdays or other occasions. It is worth noting that in the creator you will find not only standard promotional T-shirts, but also organic clothing. This is clothing sewn from organic cotton, which is grown using only natural methods. It is not impregnated with chemicals, and by buying such a T-shirt you contribute to the protection of our environment. If your company has anything to do with caring for the environment, such T-shirts are a must, but even if not, by ordering this type of promotional clothing you can make great marketing use of it by presenting yourself and your company as indifferent to the fate of our planet and other people. You will build a positive image of your company by using such an inconspicuous product as a T-shirt with company prints. I recommend.

Company T-shirts in bulk quantities

I mentioned that for large runs from a few hundred pieces upwards, it will be more profitable for you to go into screen printing than digital printing. But a bulk order is also 20 pieces. Whether you need 10 shirts or 1000 you can also use the shirt creator. Simply create the print, then click on the "Share" section in the toolbar, generate a link and send it with your request for a custom quote to Don't forget to mention in what quantities you want to order the T-shirts, sweatshirts or whatever and in what colours. On this basis, an individual quote will be prepared.


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