I get questions from you about what is the best template for business websites.

Unfortunately, this question cannot be answered unequivocally, there is no golden mean. Each company has a different specificity of its activity and, consequently, has different requirements as to the manner of self-presentation on the web. Therefore, I cannot answer such questions. It is always an individual choice. However, there are themes, which thanks to their flexibility can be adapted to practically any type of business. There are quite a lot of such templates and there are more and more of them every day. Even those who sit in WordPress all day long are not able to know them all.

Before I present three examples I will explain one more thing. Many people equate templates available on the web with something static, i.e. they see how a demo site looks like and immediately assume that theirs - if they decide to use this template - will have to look the same. Nothing could be further from the truth. Of course, it used to be that when you bought a template you were buying a very specific way of presenting content, but that's thankfully a thing of the past.

Today, modern, well-designed templates give the user a set of tools allowing to compose the content of the site in many different ways, which means that when buying a template and seeing how it looks in the demo version, we can organize the content, colours and layout of individual elements in such a way, that seeing the page next to the demo template hardly anyone will realize that they have anything in common.

What you see in the demos is just a show of strength and capability. It should not be treated as a top-down imposed by the author appearance of our site. Being aware of that we can choose a template and adjust it to our needs. But be careful. There are still many paid templates, forgotten by their creator and stuck in the past era. So be careful what you invest in, so you won't be disappointed later.

I will show you three sample templates from ThemeForest that can be used in many different ways. From a simple blog to a company website, news portal, etc...




This is the best selling template for WordPress on ThemeforestI often use it while realizing clients' orders. Although I must admit that these are usually actions which are forced by the client to some extent. I want that theme and that's it. In any other situation I suggest for standard company websites to choose one of several free templates, which in many respects are not inferior to paid solutions, and can even be better than them. Do you want to know my types? Take a look at the article: WordPress templates

As far as the Avada theme is concerned, apart from a fully responsive design that looks just as good on desktops as it does on smartphones, it comes with a few useful add-ons such as an advanced slider, 5 pre-made graphic proposals for the site's header, integration with WooCommerce e-commerce script, megamenu, the ability to easily change colours and fonts, as well as parrallax (great for landing pages). Proven in battle and I can recommend it with a clear conscience.




As with the first template, this one also comes with a few extras including a slider with both 2D and 3D animations, the ability to manipulate colours and fonts, WooCommerce integration, readiness for use on multilingual sites using the WPML plugin http://wpml.org/Layout builder allowing a very comfortable and intuitive structure for each subpage, form generator, many shortcodes... A very interesting, flexible proposal.




Third great proposal this time based on Bootstrap CSS framework. The standard includes Slider Revolution - a great script for creating and managing sliders, Visial Composer - once my favourite when it comes to managing content layout on the page - now I definitely prefer Elementora. Layer Slider 5 is another powerful script for creating and managing sliders. I have used it on many websites and it works great. I have used it on many websites and it works great. Apart from that, like its predecessors, it integrates seamlessly with WooCommerce.


If we want to save money and launch a website that will be flexible, that we will be able to adapt to our needs, that we will be able to develop, then choosing such templates as at least the three presented is a good decision. Especially that buying on ThemeForest the cost is not only low, but also one-off.

Of course, it is always possible to outsource the creation of a theme to an agency, but this type of quality, as above, budgets reaching several thousand zlotys. Is there any sense in spending such money if we want to launch a typical corporate website? If we have too many of them, there will probably be arguments in favour of YES, but personally I assume that it is a waste of money, which in many situations may not pay off, or will pay off after a long time. It is better to spend it on marketing.

Remember that in your case, a free theme will work just as well, or even better! What you currently have available in the WordPress repository can surprise you with its quality and functionality. The world is moving on 🙂 .


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