Three weeks ago both the creators of the theme Kadence as well as iThemes have officially announced that they are joining forces. In practice, this is Kadence project acquired by iThemesBut I think this should make all supporters of the theme very happy. It strengthens it and bodes well for the future, and after all, when investing in any tool for WordPress we want to make sure that it will not be abandoned due to insufficient funds for development. Such situations are not uncommon.

At the end of 2020, the Kadence theme made its debut in the repository WordPress, very quickly gaining a fair amount of users. If you are following JZS, you know that currently this theme supports the site you are on since December 2020 🙂

I switched from Astra in December, and although I was a bit apprehensive about the change, today I can say without hesitation that I do not regret the move. The theme is very fast and, combined with its blocks for Gutenberg, allows you to work comfortably with content. Of course, my decision was not a spontaneous choice. If the theme had just a month to live I would not have decided to make such a change, but Kadence could be used even before its release by downloading it from the official site. It was a long enough time to consciously take a risk.


You probably know this company, which has been in the WordPress market since 2008. They created and develop such popular and appreciated plugins as Restrict Content PRO, iThemes Security PRO whether BackupBuddy. In short, the first plugin mentioned allows you to launch a membership site, the second plugin is a tool designed to take care of the security of your site (a competitor to WordFence). The last one, on the other hand, is a plug-in for create your own backups often mentioned in rankings as one of the best.

In the first week of April, the Kadence theme joined this prestigious group, which, as the theme's creators say, is a harbinger of exciting new features that will soon be made available to its users.

What will change

On the side of the project itself, its brand or the potential consequences for existing users, not much. The Kadence brand will remain, prices will not change (at least for now). Practically, the change/acquisition is expected to be imperceptible.

iThemes will invest in the development of the theme and its plugins (Kadence Blocks) after the acquisition so that new features, improvements and enhancements can be implemented even faster.

We have big plans on the Kadence WP side, including new products and great features coming soon. Dynamic content for Kadence Blocks Pro will be released within the next month along with a new plugin we call Kadence Cloud.

It will enable you to create your own cloud of ready-made content, which you can use on any website. You will even be able to give away or sell access to your cloud.

I'm also excited that we're wrapping up work on many of the feature requests that received the most votes. They relate to Kadence Blocks and the Kadence theme. Looking beyond that, we are planning a major new product launch this fall.

writes Ben Ritter on the Kadence blog

It's going to happen 🙂 I'm looking forward to the new products and of course I'll inform you about them as soon as they appear.

This year seems to be a happy one for the Kadence theme, which should soon make its users around the world happy as well. The author does not hide his excitement and strongly believes in continuing the mission he outlined when the project started about a year ago.

I am very excited about the future! This is a move to put more resources into innovating and creating products that will help Kadence WP users build the best and most effective websites.

Ben Ritter


I strongly support the extended team working on the development of Kadence, if only because I personally use it and many of my clients use it at WordPress hosting, students from MeetWP and more.

If you are considering this theme, now is a good time to decide. Get interested in purchasing a membership, which will give you access to the theme and its PRO version extensions at a lower price. Until the end of April 2021, due to the absorption of Kadence by iThemes, you can take advantage of 20% discount.


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