The SEO tools available on the market can literally make your head hurt. Not only are there a plethora of them, but on top of that, new ones are being developed all the time. What do you think this means? Nothing else but increasing demand for high positions in Google search results. The search engine is getting tighter and tighter, and there are only 10 positions that have any meaning.

The work of a positioner today is radically different from what it was e.g. 10 years ago, and a rash of tools is a resultant of the need for precise analysis of projects carried out for each individual client. The problem with practically all the tools, however, is that none of them offers complete, high-quality analytical material. One is better at onsite analysis, another at offsite, etc... In practice this means that positioners do not rely on one tool. Often it is several different ones each responsible for a specific area of SEO research and activity.

In this text you will find a few SEO tools that I work with on a daily basis or that I have come across or use occasionally in certain situations. I encourage you to at least test them, even if you outsource your SEO to an external agency. From my experience I can tell you that it is worth to verify the actions of the contractor from time to time so that it does not turn out that you pay for nothing. Unfortunately, I know such cases. However, you must know how to do it and what tools to use and of course how to interpret the results.

Total minimum

SEO tools that you should be absolutely interested in, which are available for free and on the basis of which you will be able to carry out basic actions related to optimisation and increasing traffic to the website are 

Search Console and Google Analytics

search console

Using these tools you will not only analyse the traffic on your website, but also how the search engine sees you and what problems it has with indexing the content placed on your website. These two tools especially when tied together are used by virtually every SEO. From freelancers to large SEO agencies.

Although the tools do not offer as much data as others we will get to in a moment, they are a mine of specific knowledge that others are not able to provide. After all, these are tools from Google, so they have the privilege that the data is taken directly from the source and geared towards getting quality search results. The way it works is that you get specific information about what Google has a problem with when it comes to your website and what you should improve, and Google gets better and better data in its results thanks to these tips and your actions. If you have not yet had the opportunity to implement Search Console do it now.

Go to Search Console

SEO tools for site analysis

In the SEO world they are referred to as onsite analysis tools, i.e. tools that will point out technical problems, e.g. omissions in meta tags, their duplicates, problems with the availability of specific resources, page loading speed, and a whole bunch of other information, from those you can deal with immediately to those more complicated requiring the intervention of a programmer or administrator on your server. This subject is partially solved by the above mentioned Search Console, but it will not answer all the questions and will not show all the elements that influence the page ranking in the search engine. For this purpose you need to use additional tools.

Screaming Frog

scream frog

It is an application that you install on your computer. "Screaming Frog", as this is how the name of the program can be translated, is available in two versions, paid and free. In the case of the former, you have no limits imposed on the scanning of subpages in the project, while the free version has a limit of 500, which in the case of a small site is not a problem.

The programme will detect errors with meta tags, their absence and duplicates. It will analyse the structure of H1, H2 headings... track keyword saturation of individual pages and more.

You can download the frog from the manufacturer's website:

Website Auditor

This is my favourite onsite analysis tool. One of the components of a larger whole called SEO PowerSuiteHowever, it works as an independent application. In the free or rather trial version we obtain a limited amount of information, while the full version scans thoroughly the entire content of our website and generates valuable reports on this basis. What is important, the application has a Polish interface and its reports are also generated in Polish. Apart from technical problems, the application will show us the way to better optimise the content. It will analyse the saturation of key phrases on particular subpages and compare it with the competition, suggesting, for example, expansion of content to include key phrases or reducing their saturation if the relevant algorithms consider you to be overdoing it. You can download the application from the producer's website:

Online SEO analysis


These types of tools are convenient, because you don't have to install anything on your computer, and sometimes they are more powerful than desktop applications, although if you don't have a subscription, you are only able to analyse one specific URL, and sometimes only the homepage. Paid versions are usually a few dozen or over 100 dollars a month.

You can take a look at:

or simply type "Audit SEO online" into Google and you will get similar sites to choose from.

SEO tools for keyword analysis

Word suggestion

If you want to position your website, you want it to be visible in search results for specific phrases. You can shoot blindly, which, however, does not bring results either because of the difficulty of a given phrase and the resulting insufficient action, or worse, you manage to get the phrase high with a considerable amount of time, but it turns out that despite this it does not generate traffic, let alone sales. Therefore, before starting positioning activities it is very important to choose the right phrases for positioning.

Phrases can be verified, for example, in the Keyword Planner available in your Google Ads account. Such tools will not only give you information on the volume of searches for a given phrase, but also suggest other related ones, which may be less popular, but are often easier to position and may be more effective. 

SEO tools for inbound link analysis

Positioning is based on two pillars. On the one hand, you have on-page optimisation and internal content marketing, on the other hand you have external links pointing to your website and of course external content marketing. Both of these have to go hand in hand and only then can you say that your website has proper SEO activities that are likely to bring the desired results.

However, in order to know what links lead to your site and to keep an eye on your competitors in this field by keeping up with them, or even better, by being one ahead of them, you need tools that are able to provide you with data on this subject.



One of the world's most popular backlink analysis tools providing a wealth of information on not only the quantity but also the quality of pages linking to your site. Link quality is a key issue because they give power and increase the ranking of your site, or conversely, if the links are of poor quality they may even harm you.

In Ahrefs you can also view the link profile of your competitors, thus finding interesting places where you can also link to your site. An invaluable source of knowledge.

The problem with these types of tools, however, is that the more popular they are as Ahrefs or another tool that I recommend to your attention Majestic SEODespite the vast amount of data on inbound links, the more likely you are to miss something. If you have a competitive industry where many companies including your competitors invest in SEO activities, it is very often the case that tools for backlink analysis will not catch the full link profile. For example, I have had situations where in a difficult industry, when analysing competitors from the TOP10, the number of detected backlinks was limited to several dozen. What is the problem? Well, positioning companies, which have their own resources where they place links, hide them from bots of services such as Ahrefs. As a result it may turn out that the competitor has not just a few dozen links, but tens of thousands.

This is very often the case. That is why many positioners do not use only one tool to study link profiles, they additionally use something e.g. less popular.



Unlike Ahrefs or Majestic SEO this is a desktop application, meaning you install it on your computer. This is the second app in the collection Seo PowerSuiteIt is a sister product to the Website Auditor optimisation analysis tool described at the beginning. It may not have as large a database of backlinks as Ahrefs, but with its help you are able to catch the hidden link profile of your competitors. For this reason it is worthy of your attention.

Information about the application can be found on the manufacturer's website at:

SEO tools for link acquisition

It's nice if you already have such a background, which allows you to effectively analyse incoming links both to your site and to competitors' sites. However, your website will not get wings from the analysis alone, you need to help it, so you need to acquire links to it actively.

The simplest way, although it may be an inappropriate term, is to just sit down at your computer, click around the sites and look for places to add a link. You can contact the owners of other sites or blogs and offer them something of your own, usually content in exchange for the opportunity to place a link. You can add yourself to strong industry directories, whisper on forums or contribute in comments. Without skipping social media, of course. You can do this by noting everything down, for example in a spreadsheet, so that you can later analyse what you have done, but you can also make your life easier and use tools dedicated to this purpose. They can make your work so much easier and quicker.

Link Assistant

Link Assistant

And once again we return to the Seo PowerSuite. This time to an application called Link Assistant. It makes the work with link database extremely easy. It allows you to monitor the number of links, their quality, whether they are still there or maybe they have disappeared into space. What is more, the application enables finding new places where links can be placed and supports you in this process. From its level, you can correspond with the owners of sites where you want to place a link. Thanks to this application you have full control over your entire link profile and nothing will escape your attention.

You can find information about the application at:



A tool that goes even further when it comes to SEO automation processes. On the one hand, it makes it possible to conduct a basic onsite audit, although the data here is quite limited, on the other hand, the main automatic link acquisition to the website. In the case of the basic package, the system obtains about 700 to 1000 links leading to the website in various anchors, e.g. branded or phrases you care about by linking to specific subpages related to the phrase detected in TOP100 Google.

You can test their tool in its full glory for a month for $1 and see if it has any effect. Enter your domain name into the form below. Immediately, its analysis will be done both onsite and offsite and you will be able to track it after creating a free account.

Enter your domain name:

The manufacturer claims that it pays great attention to the quality of links the system acquires, and the algorithms work in such a way as not to harm the target website. However, one must be careful when distributing the proportion of links for particular anchors. Diversification is extremely important here, and so branded links, e.g. "" or "Company Name" should constitute about 50% of all acquired links. The remaining 50% disperse to many other phrases including the key ones for you. If you do not do this and, for example, excited by the possibilities of the tool, launch an SEO campaign for one anchor, such action may have an opposite effect.

What is an anchor? I assume you may not know. Well, it is nothing more than the text of a link. That is, in simple terms, for example this link: Keyword Suggestor has the anchor "Keyword Suggestor". Nothing complicated 🙂 The point is that you should use proper differentiation of such links and this applies not only to Semalt, but in general to the whole process related to link building regardless of the method adopted.


We've reached the end of the article, and I've only mentioned a small promille of tools that you can use in the process of positioning your website. By now you're probably confused, and believe me this is just the tip of the iceberg 🙂 I've already mentioned a few of them.

In general, however, it is not a question of knowing every tool on the market. The important thing is that you can choose a set that enables you to work comfortably and effectively.

If I scared you a bit, well, nobody said it would be easy. Positioning requires a lot of work, time and money, as well as constant updating of knowledge, as changes can occur literally from day to day. However, if you are willing, or maybe you do not have much choice, because the prices of SEO services are not as low as a few years ago, then by using the above tools and the ability to analyze the data they return, step by step you will be able to increase the visibility of your website in search results. I wish you that.

However, pay attention to the competitiveness of the phrases, because there is no sense in rushing headlong into the sun for heavy calibre phrases such as all kinds of insurance, not having the knowledge, experience and appropriate financial background. However, with local positioning, where the competition is relatively small, there is a chance that you will be able to noticeably increase the position of your site. I know from autopsy cases, where onsite optimization alone gave the site a nice kick up, and burning it with good links effectively strengthened its position.


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