In one of the earlier posts, it concerned perhaps WordPress 5.4I have uploaded a transcript of the film published there. The tool I used at the time is called Trint. It is very good.

I was very close to buying a subscription, just to enrich some articles here and on MeetWP with additional content digestible by Google. I don't always have time to produce longer articles, and since Google likes to "read", using transcription seems to be a quick way to enrich the content.

In the end, I did not have the time to enter the Trint, postponing the topic until later. You probably know it well 🙂 But it turned out that my restraint, intended or not, turned out to be quite right. Not because transcriptions are bad, but because I found a tool that does the same thing and I don't have to spend month after month tens of EURO for access to it.

Happy Scribe as an alternative

With Happy Scribe I can instantly generate a transcript, proofread it, and I can even do something else. About that in a moment.

Happy Scribe's interface is poor, but I take that as an advantage with this type of tool. I want to quickly generate a transcript of a video or podcast, not marvel at the look.

happyscribe interface

After logging in I can see a list of recently processed recordings, so I can go to the editor of the selected material or load a new one. Audio analysis and text generation for editing is efficient, probably even more efficient than when I tested Trint. The application recognises speech very well and converts it into text in Polish as well!

The transcription editor is very frugal but has everything I need ie:

  • I can run video or audio material
  • I can work with it interactively. I click on a place in the text that I want to edit and the film automatically jumps to that exact place.
  • I can conveniently edit the text including a tool for changing the X string to Y in bulk
  • I can build my own dictionary
  • I can tag the interviewee, e.g. if the material is an interview
transcription editor

Once you have finished editing, all that remains is to export the file to the format you want. In my case, I do not have high requirements, because the texts are to land on the blog, but if in your case the needs are greater, you can choose one of many formats:

export to file

The next steps are already independent of this tool. I fire up WordPress, add a post, a short introduction, a video and finally a transcription. You can find an example from the above screenshots in the article "Best free WordPress theme" on MeetWP.

However, this is not the end of HappyScribe's possibilities!

Generation of film subtitles

Although I was most keen on transcription I certainly won't be letting go of this option either. Especially since the producers have announced the imminent appearance of a translator in Happy Scribe, which means that subtitles can be quickly generated for films in many other languages. At the start there will be several of them, including Polish.

The subtitles editor is more impressive and includes a timeline with text blocks. Working with it is equally fast and comfortable, and once you have a previously prepared transcription, there is practically not much you need to do here. Everything is perfectly synchronised. All you need to do is download the ready-made files.

Editing film subtitles

However, if you wish to modify the text here, you will do so without any problem.

I am currently waiting for the translation mechanisms to be tested. If they sound good, I'll add translations to some of the films, at least on a trial basis, to see how this affects their viewing figures. Time will tell.

Cost of access to HappyScribe

In the case of Trint, subscription prices start at 44 Euro per month if you pay for a year in advance or at 55 Euro for monthly billing. This allows you to process either 84 files per year or 7 files per month.

HappyScribe, on the other hand, has a slightly different subscription model. You buy credits. Each credit is one hour of content to be processed. Importantly, unused credits are carried over to the next month. The cost of a credit is 12 Euros.

Short transcript of the film

Today we are going to look at a tool that I think is worth using, especially when you are creating podcasts, when you are recording videos for your YouTube channel, for Facebook and so on. These materials are later placed on your website, someone can enter them, they can listen to them, they can watch them. However, if a search engine comes across such a website, it does not know exactly what is in the files. That is why it is worth adding a transcription. A record of what is in the material we published.

Let's take a look at Happy Scribe. This is a tool currently available from LifeTime on AppSumo. It's worth looking into if you already record your audio/video content. If you don't do it yet, I strongly encourage you to do it because the moment you record such material, you will be able to use this tool to create a transcription in no time, publish it on your website and then such article will become much more search engine friendly, and mainly it's about Google search engine.

In addition to transcription, Happy Scribe lets you create subtitles for your videos, and soon you will also be able to translate these subtitles. This option is not yet available, but the authors say that it will be soon, and that you will be able to translate your texts into other languages. It will be probably 8 or 9 languages at the beginning, but Polish will be among them. Good news.

We'll take a peek at AppSumo, because that's where Happy Scribe is available on LifeTime for $69. One code costs $69. We have lifetime access to this solution and can process two hours of content. So if our film is 15 minutes long, we will be able to upload and process 8 such films into text within a month. 8 pieces of 15 minutes each, that is two hours.

If this is not enough, although in most cases, especially if you are starting out, or if you do not produce much material, it is enough, you may be interested in the additional codes that can be purchased here. So if you have two such codes, then you also have four hours per month. If you have three codes, you have six hours, and you can buy a maximum of 10 codes, which gives you 20 hours per month. A month passes, a reset and you have 20 again. Another month, another month, another month. And so on ad infinitum. As long as this app is available, you will be able to use it and process your material.

This is what the interface looks like. It is not particularly impressive, there are no fireworks here, but that is not the point. This tool is not supposed to look, this tool is supposed to work, and it works and it works quite well.

To upload files for processing, take a look. We click on the Upload button and choose where we want to upload the file from. We can upload it from our computer, further we can provide a link to the video on a YouTube channel, Instagram etc. We can use Google Drive, we can use Dropbox. We can link our YouTube channel to this tool. This is so convenient that if I have a channel on YT, then the moment I click on this place, the videos that are already on my channel will appear.

Next, we have language selection and transcription. We click on the transcription button. The transcription is generated. I'm not going to do it now because it takes a while. We are playing with what is already here.

We start the editor. This is an editor with which we can make corrections. Let's see... We play with punctuation, we look for mistakes, that is places where this tool didn't manage or didn't recognise our speech properly. We can play a movie in the background. The most fun will be with punctuation, of course, because this is where there are the most mistakes. But everything is tolerable.

There is one more thing I would like to say quickly. If you have a recorded interview, you can mark the interlocutors, e.g. the questioner, the answerer, and then generate a transcription where this is marked

If we have already prepared the material, processed the text, corrected the errors, then we just need to click the export button and we can save our transcription in quite a number of formats. Starting from a simple test document, through Word, PDF. We can generate subtitle files, we can even generate files that we later import into Adobe Premiere or Final Cut Pro. These are tools for more advanced people who work with video editing. We choose the format, save and upload the text to the blog. The content will automatically grow. This is very important. If there is no transcription, the search engine comes in and sees the video file but it doesn't know what's in it, it can't read it. But it can read the text of the transcript.

All right, so we're closing this. We have the transcription text prepared and now if we wanted to create subtitles for the movie, I can do that from this level as well. At the top we have conversion to subtitles. If I click on it, an additional interface will appear in a moment, looking completely different and here I can work in the context of subtitles.

I hope you can see this in the video you are watching. The subtitles appear. On the left side I can manage them. I can delete, I can add, I can modify. I can tweak it all. And if I get a translation option, I can additionally generate some other language versions and automatically the audience for this material will be a much larger group.

So much for Happy Scribe. Take a look at it. I think it is worthy of interest. And as I said, even if at this moment you think that, no, I don't have video materials, I don't have audio files, believe me, there will come a moment when you will come to the conclusion that you have to have such files on your website, that you have to upload something to your YouTube channel, that you have to publish videos on Facebook. Such a moment will come and then this tool will be very useful.

Thank you very much and I invite you to my next films. Best regards.


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