We're almost halfway through 2021, so we can confidently summarise what trends were most used in web design. Technology is changing very dynamically, which also affects web design. The previous year was very intense. We changed our habits, moved to home office and spent more and more time on the Internet. We paid more attention to online shopping sites. We were much more willing to use shops that offered technological innovations that made shopping easier for us. We quickly adapted to the new reality. In this post, we present you with design trends for the second half of 2021.

Mobile-first design

mobile first

Using mobile devices to browse the web has become an everyday occurrence these days. It has come to the point where smartphones are overtaking laptops or computers. Today's websites should be ideally suited to mobile devices so as to make it easier for users to use the content or services they offer. Remember that we do not part with our phones for most of the day, so a website should look as good on them as it does on a computer.

Black versus White

The so-called "dark mode" has been growing in popularity especially recently. The largest social media are aware of this, giving their users the opportunity to choose a black theme. Why does white lose out to it? Most dark mode users praise it for the possibility of quiet browsing in the evening, without tiring the eyes. It is also worth mentioning that many online shops have started using it because it is associated with luxury, elegance and premium products. 

New scrolling options

Since forever, the most popular scrolling has been vertical. However, more and more websites are using other scrolling techniques. An interesting option is horizontal scrolling, which attracts the audience's attention and effectively engages them. This trend will definitely be with us over the next few years. 


It is visual storytelling through animated scrolling. What can we gain from it? Give the website personality and interest to the consumer. Users love it when brands tell stories in an interesting way. Let's remember that.

Asymmetry and shifts

Asymmetry emphasises uniqueness, which is what we want to achieve. We can use it to create an effect of movement, flow or to increase visual variety. We often associate an unconventional approach with high quality. Let's not be afraid to use it!

Minimalism at the top

A website that impresses with its simplicity is automatically identified as a premium brand. It is worth remembering this when building a brand strategy. Less is more, which also translates into website refinement - the fewer effects, the more refined the website should be.

Recent years have brought many changes in the sphere of web design. It is worth taking a look at these trends and incorporating them into your website. We pay special attention to mobile-first, which is an important element of our websites. The website is the business card of every online shop. Therefore, it is worth it to be carefully designed. Are you looking for an agency that you can commission to make a website? Katowice are a good choice. Our agency is located in Silesia, but we conduct nationwide and international projects.

Article prepared by MAVIKA Internet marketing agency.


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