Most of my clients and students from MeetWPwho set up an online shopAfter a short time, they wonder to what extent the ordering page can be adjusted. It turns out that with a standard installation of WooCommerce plugin you can do little in this area. You have to use other extensions or create the code yourself in a child theme. Usually the latter is out of the question, because the shop owner does not feel up to such a challenge. This leaves us with plugins.

Today you have quite a few extensions WordPresswhich allow you to modify WooCommerce pages (not only the order page), which is directly related to the demand for such solutions. Today we will take a look at the plugin Ultimate Addons for Elementorfrom the creators of the well-loved and appreciated motif Astra.

Ultimate Addons for Elementor version 1.31.0

This latest version of the popular Element plugin puts in your hands a widget that allows you to make some changes to the order page. Admittedly, these changes don't turn the entire order page upside down, but for many people, they will be satisfactory. I like them 🙂 .

To test the widget's capabilities, you need to go to the edit order page. By default, as you may know, this is a page with only one element: the shortcode [woocommerce_checkout].

Start editing this page and then call the Elementor editor for it. You will see a section containing an order form. Delete everything down to zero so that there is nothing left.

Order page widget

Now reach for the widget Checkout. You can find it in the widgets section of the Ultimate Addons for Elementor plugin.

order page widget

When you drop it in your workspace you probably won't notice much change from what it was before. But no! I was wrong. You'll definitely see that some of the Polish content has changed to English 😩 . Rest assured, we'll change it soon.

some headings have changed from Polish to English


Look on the left side at the properties of the widget. The first tab is Layout. You can decide if the default layout as above and below suits you, or if you prefer a different one, such as all in one column, or... in three steps 🙂

widget steps

I rather advise against the single column version. The whole thing can scare buyers and dissuade them from the final YES decision. A two-column version and a version that breaks down the order process into three steps works best:

  • Billing data
  • Delivery data
  • Payment

The next two options, which can be seen in the above screenshots, are to show or hide the link to return to the basket. I rather suggest hiding this button so as not to tempt you to click. The more clicks back and forth the higher the likelihood of cart abandonment.

You can hide this link and I suggest you do so

There is also an option here to hide additional fields, by default the comments field, as it is not always needed - this of course depends on the specifics of your shop.

You can also hide the order comments field if you don't need it


The next tab is the labels (headings), which have suddenly changed to English when using the widget. You can call these labels anything you want, your way, which can be a small distinguishing element. Believe that the little things build your business 🙂 .

Example of using custom headings

There will be at least a slightly different perception of such a page. Remember to adjust your headlines to the specifics of your audience, so you don't overdo it with looseness, which in some groups may be perceived negatively, while standard, trite headlines won't make any impression on all recipients without exception. It's another small detail which, if used well, can reduce the number of shopping cart abandonments and increase customer satisfaction.

Login section

If you give the possibility for your customers to log in on the shopping cart page, then an option will appear above the form which, when clicked, will expand the login form. Here you can change its standard content. Use this ingeniously to make a returning customer feel at home 🙂 .

Content change for the login section

Discount voucher section

Analogous as above. If you give the option of using discount coupons, you can enter your own content here:

Content change for the discount code section

This is basically all the customisation options for the order page. Mainly you have the possibility to operate on the layout (one, two columns or steps), and further you have your own content headers for the login and discount coupon sections.


You may have expected to be able to arrange everything exactly the way you want it. No, that's not the case and let me tell you, that's a good thing. Why? Because in most cases, this possibility would have unpleasant consequences for your business. Remember that a website and especially an online shop is not about pleasing you. Few people understand that. It is about making the website effective. You will not make money just because you say among your friends that you have a really nice website. You will only make money if the whole thing is as simple as possible, easy to navigate and doesn't block anyone during the order process. Creative content can also help you.

In case you have a small shop with a few products or with a not much larger assortment, or you sell services on the website, you can also reach for other tools like PayForm.


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