WordPress hosting DiDHost, is a specific service whose main task is to provide you with the best possible and most comfortable environment to work with websites based on WordPress.

It is quite rare for me to write here about changes to this service, but it is high time to change that, especially as many of you have been asking me about it in emails.

Let's start with the fact that, in addition to exceptional features such as up to 8 GB of RAM and 5 vCPUs (WP ELite Plan) that ensure the efficient operation of even complex WordPress sites, it is also an installation management centre with a range of tools designed to make your daily work easier and more optimised.

A simple example. Using a hosting, where there are no such tools, installing a theme and plugins is a bit of clicking and time. You may say: ok, but 10-15 minutes is not a tragedy. Yes, but if you run websites for your clients, multiply those 15 minutes by the number of installations, and you may get some.

In the case of WordPress hosting DiDHost not only allows you to use ready-made kits (themes and plugins), which is already basically a standard and many companies duplicate this mechanism to some extent, but also from the hosting level you can instantly install WordPress and any of its add-ons directly from the repository. As a result, the whole process can literally take 2 minutes.

Another topic is the updates you need to perform to ensure your site is secure. When you have several sites on your hands, then such updates start to be a hassle. A sure solution is to use WP-CLI, which is also available on WordPress hosting, but this is a tool aimed at advanced users.

If you don't have such skills, you don't have to worry about it because bulk updates for multiple sites will be carried out with one click from within your hosting account panel. This is another powerful way to save your precious time!

So much for the introduction. Soon on JZS will appear, short tutorials on how to use hosting tools effectively, so we will certainly come back to these issues, meanwhile let's take a look at the latest news.

Possibility to load catalogues

File manager Manager is a tool with the help of which you can manage folders and files on your hosting account. You can download files, you can even upload them in the form of an archive, in order to unzip them from the manager level and move them to any place within the account structure. An extremely convenient tool.

WordPress hosting file manager

A recently added new feature is possibility of uploading entire catalogues. Admittedly, personally in such situations I still prefer to zip a folder and upload it, for example, and then unzip it, which is simply faster, but I realise that some people need the ability to upload a folder. A bit like the FTP client. Such a capability was added a few days ago. How does it work?

Start the file manager, navigate in the folder structure to where you want to upload the directory and click on the + button and then select "Upload directory".

What to do to load an entire folder

Now it remains to indicate the folder to upload located on your computer and upload it to the server. Closed topic 🙂 .

Additional logs

Being able to diagnose a problem is a useful ability, but without insight into error logs (bug logs), it can be a bit like fortune telling. On WordPress hosting, you've long had access to logs related not only to errors, but also access to individual resources on your site, and from now on, specific records of important operations performed on your WordPress installations. You can get to them by clicking in the space indicated below:

Running records of important WordPress jobs

Example entries in this log look like this:

Example of event log

Here you can see information about the last operations performed on the pages. There is an automatic check for updates of page components or a process for creating a backup.

With this data, you can track the operations that the hosting account performs in an automated manner, as well as the operations that you have invoked yourself in the hosting account panel. This can be very helpful in diagnosing various types of problems.

Information about the SSL certificate

By default this information is available in the general domain details, but in addition the certificate information is now also visible on the fiche of each WordPress installation. I won't duplicate the screen I showed a little earlier, but if you glance at it you will see the certificate information just below the information about the PHP version being used.

When the hosting detects a problem, it will automatically suggest you a way to solve it.


The workflow associated with managing the built-in WordPress task manager (wp-cron) has been redesigned:

The option has been renamed to "Take over wp-cron.php", which is much more precise than the previous on/off. It is now possible to decide whether a replacement cronjob should be automatically created by the hosting or not.

Replacement cronjobs are also now much less strict when it comes to individual user modifications. When WordPress Hosting cannot find a job, it will not attempt to recreate it as it did before, deeming it to have been knowingly modified or deleted by the user.

If a user mistakenly modifies or deletes a replacement cronjob, it can be recreated by disabling and re-enabling the "Create replacement task..." switch.

Option to automatically create a cron job for WordPress

These are the most important changes in the latest update to the management panel for WordPress installations on DiDHost hosting accounts. In practice, there are many more, but they are largely improvements to how the system works "under the hood". I will keep you informed about further news.


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