Many beginner webmasters would like to enrich their websites with videos, but very often they don't know how to bite. For example, I receive questions like "I would like to open a website where I can upload videos. The question is how big a server do I need?". From this question you can immediately conclude that the inquirer plans to upload movie files to his hosting account, which he then wants to publish on the site. However, the question arises about the legitimacy of such a scenario. Most often, the client is not able to justify it in a sensible way, it just seems to him that it will be fine. So let's take a look and see if it is for sure.

Which involves keeping the video files on your own hosting account:

  • First of all, the file has to be properly optimised, so that it is reduced to the smallest possible size while maintaining satisfactory image quality. The better the quality of a film, e.g. HD, the larger the resulting file will be and a single film can take up to several hundred MB.
  • Uploaded files on a hosting account consume disk space, which we may be able to use better, and generate a significant data transfer, thus putting a significant load on the server bandwidth. Let's remember that such parameters as capacity or transfer are not bottomless wells, so it is worth using the services offered by a service provider prudently, because this prudence indirectly affects the overall quality of services. Besides, often large hosting accounts are excluded from the daily backups generated by the hosting provider, which means that in this field we rely only on our own copies, and making them with a large number of large files can be problematic.
  • we need to implement on our website an appropriate player, which will be responsible for publishing and convenient browsing of videos. On the web you can find many such tools, from free to paid ones, but you need to know how to configure the chosen player, which for a novice webmaster can be a serious obstacle.

That's it in a nutshell when it comes to hosting video files on your own hosting account. Honestly, I do not see the advantages of this type of solution. Someone may say that thanks to this he has the video files at home and not somewhere outside, but it is worth knowing that downloading a video file is extremely easy, and preventing the files from being downloaded may require additional actions with which, again, a novice webmaster will probably not cope.

To make our life easier, we can use the possibilities offered by platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo and the like. It is enough to upload a video to one of these services to be able to download a small HTML code responsible for displaying the video on our website.

Several advantages of such a solution:

  • the video files do not use the space or bandwidth of our hosting account and therefore do not have a direct impact on its performance
  • With our video we reach a larger audience without special efforts. Someone who comes across our video while browsing resources such as YouTube can thus reach our website. So we have an additional channel for marketing activities
  • We are not interested in installing the player as it is provided by the portal on which we have published the video.

The benefits are considerable, which is why I suggest using this method to anyone thinking of publishing video materials. Whether you choose YouTube, Vimeo or another service is purely an individual choice. Personally, I like Vimeo the best, but when it comes to the number of potential recipients of videos, YouTube is definitely the king. It is best to check a few sites and choose the one that suits you best.

I'm sure you've seen many sites with videos posted in this way. Here is what it could look like on your site as well:

Remember also that videos increase the attractiveness of the website, increasing not only traffic but also other important parameters such as length of stay on the page and increase in conversions.


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