We all want to earn quality links leading to our sites that will improve rankings and increase traffic, so we can grow our business more efficiently. However, the truth is that this is easier said than done.

In this article you will find three proven ways to get higher rankings and more natural links. These techniques are neither quick nor easy. While this may seem wrong, it will actually give you an advantage. The rule of thumb is simple: if something is quick and easy you can be sure that your competitors will do the same, which will result in you losing your top position in no time.

That's certainly not what the battle for high rankings is about, and it means taking on bigger and tougher tasks that most of your competition won't or can't implement.

However, I want to point out here that this does not mean abandoning simple actions. You should still use quick and easy tactics in link building, because your competitors will also use them. However, you should look a little further and in a non-standard way, because only such a strategy can result in a clear advantage.

Build the brand

Every entrepreneur needs a brand, whether as an individual or a company. But a brand is much more than just a nice logo and an eye-pleasing website.

A true brand encompasses everything from the superficial - the colour palette, logo, marketing materials and other visuals - to the core principles, customer service and company culture.

Once you have managed to build a recognisable brand, you will lose some potential customers. You simply won't be able to meet everyone's needs, and what appeals to some may be hated by others. It's essential to create a brand that people will be passionate about. It's also something that scares most entrepreneurs. The hardest thing to swallow is the thought that someone might turn on them.

Take the two examples of Apple and IKEA.

What you will notice with these big brands, apart from the often uncritically enthusiastic followers, is that people often voluntarily link to their websites themselves. This is because they are fascinated by the brand. They feel that being associated with the brand says something about who they are as a person.

This all has a positive impact on ranking and organic traffic.

Having a brand that people are passionate about has another benefit. People tend to search by brand name. This is a positive ranking signal, increasing Google's trust in your business and domain, and this also leads to improved search positions.

Create something free

We're all busy, so we're all looking for ways to be more efficient and productive - especially when we can achieve this effect for free. That's why useful, free tools can be a great way in gaining links and improving rankings.

You don't necessarily have to reinvent the wheel. But at the same time, make sure you're not creating something that's already been replicated hundreds of times. For example, take plugins WordPress. You will usually find many extensions in the repository responsible for the same thing. So if the idea of releasing another plugin on the same topic comes to you, consider whether it's worth it. Unless you enrich the plugin with unique features with which you will quickly make your users fall in love 🙂 .

On the other hand, you need to make sure that there is a large enough market to justify from a business point of view creating such a plug-in. Ideally, it should be difficult enough that some competitors won't want to try to create their own alternative because they won't be able to do it, for example.

Whether it's a free plugin, a theme, a SaaS tool, an online course or anything else, you don't always have to create such a product from scratch. If you can offer a version with limited features, I'm sure many people will find it useful and will be happy to share links.

Do something worthwhile

Contrary to what many entrepreneurs seem to think, mere existence is nothing noteworthy. If you want to be talked about in the media, which leads to getting links and search engine traffic, you need to have a story worth telling. But note: you don't decide if your story is worth telling. Publishers, hosts or journalists do that. For them to want to tell your story, it has to appeal to their audience.

When you tell your story from the perspective of the audience of a particular portal, magazine, TV channel, YouTube channel, etc., rather than your own, you will see much better results from the PR efforts undertaken.

A small note: many publications that will be placed on the web in this way only link using the nofollow attribute. Don't worry about it, because contrary to what some SEO specialists think, Google doesn't ignore nofollow links. They matter too.

More important than this is the fact that often, when a portal publishes one story or another, other sites will follow suit. And many of them will thus link to your site as well. No matter how great your story may be, you will almost certainly have to present it to the right people at the right time and in a way that makes it clear why their audience will be interested in it.


I mentioned that these three strategies are not easy and you can certainly see that. Each of them requires a lot of commitment, time, and often money. It is precisely because they are not easy that can give you a competitive edge. Just try to go a little against the grain. Don't just focus on analysing your competitors and replicating their actions. Yes, this is also an important aspect, but if you add something to it that your competitors are not using, you can win a lot.


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