WordPress in my opinion, it's the best CMS for both beginners and professionals. And while everyone is capable of handling it, some people have serious concerns that they are not up to the challenge, and concepts such as plugins, security, updates, etc are scary at the start... You don't have experience yet, so it's perfectly natural to have doubts.

There is nothing to be afraid of! If you mobilize your forces and learn how to work with WordPress step by step, I am sure that you will be able to create the website of your dreams, while having a lot of satisfaction from it 🙂 .

WordPress gives you practically endless possibilities to scale your online business, so in the first place I especially encourage you to try your hand at working with this CMS to help you WordPress course by me, as well as our support groups.

Sometimes, however, I meet people who, despite my assurances that they will manage, consistently say that they do not want to learn because they do not have the time, and want to create a simple website or a small shop on their own. Is it possible?

Website Builder

If you're scared of WordPress or actually don't have the time to get to know it better, there are two choices left. The first is to outsource your site to someone else, the second is to look towards website builders and do it yourself with as little effort and time as possible.

This is an undoubted advantage of these applications, although you should also be aware that website builders have a much clearer framework within which you can operate and develop your business. What exactly does this mean?

You get the tools you use to work with the site, but you don't have the ability to add your own extensions like you do with WordPress (see How to install the plug-in). So it often turns out (after some time) that you need something more, and the wizard is not able to provide it to you because you have no real influence on its functionality. This is, among others, the reason why a large part of JZS readers look at the article on this How to migrate a website from Wix to WordPress. The Wix Wizard got them seriously interested at the start, but over time they began to look for other means to showcase their services or products.

Does this mean that it is better not to opt for a website builder? No. It only means that at some point you may (or may not) find it insufficient.

Change in this situation will not always be easy, so it is advisable at the start to consider the direction you will take, taking into account as far as possible potential future needs.

How to test the wizard

Some wizards offer free versions with limited functionality, which can serve as a testing ground, but will not work well for business websites because of advertising and visible branding of the wizard, which can simply be misunderstood by many.

If you don't want to register anywhere by leaving your details, and you want to see how the website builder works right now, click on the button below and get started. Is this tool for you? You must answer this question yourself.

First select a template

The wizard offers a set of ready-made templates to make your task as easy as possible and to speed up the launch of your website.


The templates are grouped into thematic categories, so you'll have no problem finding proposals related to your industry. Each template can be freely modified, without any restrictions. You can add content, photos and other objects, delete and change their properties. You can rebuild the template you choose in 100% or only slightly if what you see fits your needs perfectly.

If you already have a page running in another system/creator, you can use the import mechanism which will connect to the page, look at it and try to recreate it automatically.

Once a template has been selected or a page has been imported, it's time to start working on customising it.

Quick Guide to Creator Tools

The amazing thing is that the wizard itself can show you how virtually any page is created from the database of available templates. Just run the guide and watch step by step what is done to achieve a specific effect.

You can stop or resume your presentation at any time, or even start making your own modifications. All of this has one specific goal. To reduce the learning curve and allow you to get started with the site as quickly as possible.


Watch at least one guide by clicking on the button above to better understand how this wizard works.

100% creation

This is a common problem when working with other wizards and even with WordPress and Elementorem. We place a block or widget, e.g. responsible for displaying an image, but still we often do not know how to precisely position it so that it is exactly where we want it to be.

This problem has been eliminated in the wizard, so you insert an object and place it exactly where you want it to appear, without fiddling with margins or other object positioning techniques.

Convenient placement of objects anywhere on the page

Possibility of blogging

Something I can't imagine a well-functioning website without. A blog should be a part of every project you launch on the Internet. It does not matter whether your website will be a business card or will have more complex functions. The blog will make more people visit each page, and this will translate into a larger base of leads and customers.

The wizard gives you the ability to have a blog on your site. Just drop a block called Blog anywhere on the page and manage everything in its settings, including entries.


Possibility of running a shop

It is also possible, of course it is not a good solution if you have a large database of goods, but if the quantities are at the level of a few or several dozen products, it is safe to try.

There are even several ways to implement a shop here. You can use the built-in mechanism or implement an Ecwid shop or otherwise accept payments through channels such as PayPal, Stripe, PayU and others.

Online shop in the wizard

Other options

You may have noticed the available blocks on the left side of the above screenshots. You can see there a contact form, a menu block, maps, images, galleries... Using these tools you can put together a functional and great looking website.

There's the ability to optimise for SEO, the ability to comment on blog posts using Facebook, customisation of the design for different screen sizes, quick action on the block structure, multiple language versions of the site and much more.


Who do I recommend this page builder to?

Anyone who is afraid of WordPress or other CMS systems 🙂 Anyone who wants to launch and maintain a website at a low cost using all the possibilities of the creator.

If WordPress seems too complicated for you right now, use the wizard at the start and over time you will easily be able to switch to WordPress hosting and start your acquaintance with this popular solution.


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