I have written about website builders many times. There are quite a lot of them on the market and only a few years ago they could be counted on the fingers of one hand 🙂 Some of them are painfully simple, others complex, allowing to build not only business cards websites but also small online shops. If someone asks me about a specific wizard I usually recommend two. "Duda" because of its great marketing tools and functionality and "SM" for those who want to get a website up and running quickly, but spending 400 PLN a year is a bit too much.

Website builder - for whom?

Wizards allow you to get a website up and running very quickly, that's their primary purpose. In a way, they are an answer to the market needs, where many people and small companies need a website, but for various reasons do not want to invest more money in it. It is this group of recipients that is the main target of the discussed tools. But are creators really that cheap? Let's take a look at some of the top solutions:


Wix Page Builder

The clear market leader in web-builders. You may have even seen their commercials on TV at some point. A well-known and quite often chosen creator if only because of the available free plan and good marketing.

The owner of the website, apart from the mentioned free version, can use several paid plans starting from 17 PLN per month up to a package for which you have to pay over 100 PLN per month. The price includes server space and the possibility to connect your own domain. If you decide for the free version, you will get access to the basic capabilities of the wizard, and your website will display WiX ads. The ads are emitted on the cheapest paid plan and are removed only if you decide to pay less than PLN 35 a month. While in the case of a private website such ads will not necessarily be problematic, if you want to run something more serious, not to mention a company website, the ads will be detrimental to your image. To sum up, a monthly cost of 35 PLN gives you an annual cost of 420 PLN, and if you want to go crazy with the biggest package, be prepared to spend 1200 PLN.



The second popular (in Poland a little less) tool that allows you to quickly launch a website. The model is very similar to Wix. Here, it is also possible to launch a website for free in exchange for an advertisement and similarly, the cheapest plan does not remove the advertisement. Only if we decide to spend 8 dollars a month (annual payment of 96 dollars) then the advertisement disappears. In the case of Weebly, we have fewer packages to choose from starting at $4 (with advertising) and ending at $25. So it's a bit cheaper, because with the $8 plan and at the current exchange rate we'll pay plus or minus $350 for a year.


Duda Website Creator

It is practically unknown in our country, but its possibilities are not inferior to those of its predecessors, and in many cases superior to them. What I personally like a lot is the so-called personalization, which is nothing else but a set of marketing tools that you can use on your website to increase its effectiveness. There is a very interesting option that allows you to create multilingual websites and there is also an SSL certificate (paid plans). As in the case of the previous ones, there is a free plan, where advertisements are displayed as standard, and two paid plans. In case of annual payment, the cost starts from $14 and a piece, and in case of monthly payment - from $19. So it's not the cheapest wizard, but it has something else interesting that the competition doesn't offer at the moment. You can buy a website by paying a one-time fee of $299 and you will never be charged again for its maintenance or for using the wizard. So by spending about a thousand zlotys and a bit, you can use the website, the wizard and the space for the website on the server for life. The only cost in such a situation is once a year domain renewal.

These are three, in my opinion, the most interesting website builders, but as you can probably guess there are actually many more. I personally had contact with over a dozen of them and you can believe me that this is a small part of what you can find. Unfortunately, you cannot count on Polish support, even among the three top ones, despite the fact that the wizard itself (its interface) is in Polish. The support is available in English, which may be an obstacle for some.

In most cases the prices are very similar starting from an average of 10 dollars a month or let's say 30-35 PLN every month, so annually it will deplete our budget plus or minus 400 PLN.
If this is too much, you can always look further. One of the cheaper solutions is SiteMajster, based on SitePro creator created and developed in Lithuania, so in our neighbourhood.


SM Website Builder

This wizard is not only cheaper, because the cost of running/maintaining the site is 190 PLN per year, but it also has one, or maybe more, but I will focus on one unique feature. It allows us to place the objects of the website practically in any way we like. We are not doomed to drop e.g. a photo or a block with text in a strictly specified section. In the case of this wizard you can even arrange them one above the other, which consequently turns out to be very convenient in visual design and it is easier to create attractive, unorthodox looking pages. Anyway, see how it works in the video below:

Creator gives you possibility to run multilingual website, optimize it for SEO, websites are responsive and fast. Maybe it doesn't have such extensive possibilities as wizards from my TOP3, especially in more expensive versions, but it can do a lot, and because it is created by a company that deals with it since 2003, it is systematically developed, and new functionalities appear. 


The market of website builders gives a very wide menu of choices, choosing the right tool for our needs and one with which we can realise our idea faster and more conveniently. As you may know I prefer WordPress to website builders because of the full control, but I realize that there are many people who still look for the simplest possible solutions so they don't have to worry about updates, configurations etc..... If you are one of them, this website builder may be just what you are looking for.


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  1. The wizard you recommend is a revelation. I am not very good with websites but using this tool is fabulously easy. I am using the free version but it is enough for me.

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